Guide to the return authorization (autorización de regreso)

Guide to the return authorization (autorización de regreso)

2021-09-02 18:07:37

As we know, the renewal or extension process can usually take months to be solved. First, you need to get a “favorable” result from the online application, and only until then can you start to make an appointment with the famous “toma de huellas”. Sometimes, expats can find themselves in a common difficult situation: Their NIE/TIE card is already expired but they need to return to their home countries and then come back to Spain. And they cannot afford months to wait because there is a home emergency. That’s when the return authorization (autorización de regreso) needs to be considered.

1. What is a return authorization (autorización de regreso)?

The return authorization (autorización de regreso) is a document authorizing the departure and subsequent return to Spain when their residence status is still in the renewal process or extension period.

This document can grant you to leave and re-enter Spain within 90 days. Expats should ensure themselves to enter Spain within this time limit.

This document is only valid in Spain, so you should get a direct flight from your home country, or make a stop at a third-country outside of the EU.

2. The requirements of the application

You are the holder of a residence and have already initiated the procedures for the renewal or extension.

You are a valid TIE cardholder or have submitted a request for a duplicate card due to theft, loss, destruction, or disablement.

You can prove that the trip responds to a situation of need and that you have in the process the issuance of the foreigner identity card.

3. Required documents for the application

  • Duly completed and signed EX-13 application form
  • Copy of the complete passport or registration card and valid travel document.
  • Copy of the application document for renewal or extension of the authorization or application document of the NIE/TIE card, or any accreted document with the same effect.
  • In case you have the initial residence or stay authorization granted but have the NIE/TIE still in process: you need to present supportive documentation showing that the trip responds to a situation of need and exceptional circumstances.
  • Document of your flights if you have
  • The appointment receipt you get after you get the appointment
  • The fee already paid to require the returned permit (Modelo 790 código 052 if you process it at the immigration office, Modelo 790 código 012 if processed at the Policía Nacional)


  • All documents provided should be translated to Spain or the co-official language of the territory where the application is submitted.
  • On the other hand, all foreign public documents must be previously legalized by the Consular Office of Spain with jurisdiction in the country, where said document has been issued or, where appropriate, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation except in the case in which said document has been apostilled by the competent authority of the issuing country according to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, and unless said document is exempt from legalization by the International Convention.

4. The application process

  • Application: You need to present the application personally or authorize another person to do it for you in any public Immigration Office or the National Police Station corresponding to the province where the foreigner has registered its TIE application.
图形用户界面, 文本, 应用程序, 电子邮件

  • On the day of the application, you need to go with all the documents you can present to avoid any refusal of the application. When you submit all the documents successfully, you will get a paper receipt, which is the return authorization. Remember to check if the dates are correctly written.
  • The return authorization will be valid for no more than 90 days:
    • If the residence or stay authorization is not in the renewal period, from the grant date.
    • If the residence or stay authorization is in the renewal period:
      • From the expiration date of the authorization, if requested before it expires.
      • From the grant date, if requested after the expiration of the authorization.

The return authorization may be used for all departures and subsequent returns that are required during the validity of the authorization.

文本, 表格, 信件


5. Advice from Adeslas

Here in Adeslas, we wish you the best of luck on your NIE/TIE renewal and return authorization. Note that Adeslas Expat insurance(health insurance) is the first health insurance in Spain that meets both visa and residence requirements. In Spain, it ranks as the best, safest, and has the highest satisfaction. We are an insurance company that speaks English. This is an NIE/TIE insurance that meets all the requirements. It is the same document that you used to apply for the student visa.


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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 02/09/2021

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