How to renew your student residence?

How to renew your student residence?

2021-08-03 07:32:14

1. Limitation of student residence


The time limit for student residence is based on the academic system. For example, if you first sign up for a language class that lasts for half a year, you will be issued a card valid for only half a year. If it is a normal full-time study (high school, university...), a card valid for up to 1 year can be issued. But since the student residence (estancia de Estudiantes) is different from a normal residence like a working permit (residencia) as it is a temporary residence permit, it should be renewed every year.


2. When to submit the materials for renewal of residence?


You can initiate the renewal process starting 60 days before the expiry date of the TIE. You can also be able to submit the renewal application until 90 days after the expiry date.


3. How to submit materials?


There are several ways that you can renew your student residence.


  • The 1st way: You can submit it through electronic means in the Foreigners Office Website or the Electronic Register. If you want to make the submission online, you must obtain an electronic signature (AKA electronic certificate, certificado digital) . It’s important to note that you have to finish the whole process when the NIE is still effective. This is the best and most recommended way to renew your NIE.


  • The 2nd way: The other way is to submit the materials through the regional registry office (Registro general). You will need to specify that you want to send the application to the Oficina de estranjería. Due to Covid, this way might be temporarily impossible, which you need to confirm with the office personally.


  • The 3rd way: If you are not able to go to the office in person, you can try to send your application to Oficina de entranjería via registered post.


If you need to submit any supporting documents to complete the renewal process, you should submit in the same way as before: whether online or offline.


4. What are the required documents?


  • The passport + copy
  • The TIE + copy
  • Course completion certificate (certificado de aprovechamiento) (or the transcript of the previous semester, if the grades are too poor, such as failing more than half of the subjects, the residence may not be renewed)
  • The original copy of the school's continued enrollment certificate (or the admission letter from a new school), or the registration form (matrícula) for the next semester. The last one is the best because it means that you are already registered for the next school year
  • Half a year (one year) flow of the local bank card in Spain (with the bank seal, you can print it yourself to add the seal or go to the branch to print, the monthly flow is not less than 500, and the balance in the residence card should be greater than 6000 each time )
  • Certificate of Residence (Certificado de Empadronamiento)
  • Two completed and signed copies of application form EX-00
  • Like the first time that you apply for the TIE card, you need to pay the tax. The tax required is TASA Bank draft 790 / Code 052. :
    • Student renewing TIE should choose option 1.3 (Prórroga de la autorización de estancia por estudios, movilidad de alumnos, prácticas no laborales o servicios de voluntariado titular principal y sus familiars)
    • Also, choose to pay “en efectivo” to later pay this tax in a bank. You need to keep the stamped proof of the payment to present this application
  • The photocopy of health insurance that covers all your stay for that year (the requirements are the same as above). You need whether the entitlement to medical assistance from the social security office or a private medical insurance:


Note that Adeslas Expat insurance (health insurance) is the first health insurance in Spain that meets both visa and residence requirements. In Spain, it ranks as the best, safest, and has the highest satisfaction. And the other good thing for foreign expats is: We are an insurance company that speaks English!


After submitting the documents, you will receive a receipt, indicating the date of uploading the serial number, etc.


5. What should I do after the submission?


After the submission, you can check the status online.


It's recommended to regularly check the processing progress on the online system. Once the application is approved, the notification page can be printed out. Sometimes you might get a notification email to notify you of the status. Generally, you will receive news within 3 months, in some autonomous regions like Madrid, you might get your resolutions in more than 3-month time.


 Status explanation:


Resultado Favorable Resolved / Approved
Resultado no favorable Rejected You should print the rejection letter at the designated place to see the reason. If it's for documents or information missing, you must present the missing document within 10 days, with the notification letter. You can also try to seek help from lawyers.
En trámite Processing You need to wait and keep tracking your status. This process may take between two to four months. During holiday seasons or for other causes, the process may take more than that.
Archivado Filed You need to present “un recurso”, a polite request to restart the application process. Usually, this is because you not only had forgotten to present a document in the first time but also missed your second chance to present it.
No se ha encontrado la información solicitada Unable to find the requested information This may be due to a typing error. Please try again or use a different method e.g, SMS, telephone, numero de expediente...


Also, note that if you do not receive any news from the office in 30 days. This means that your application will be approved (for a legal term called “Silencio Positivo”) although you may not see the actualization of your status.


Example of the Result page: Approved


6. Once approved, you need to take the fingerprint to get your new TIE.


To carry out this part of the process, you must make sure that you have registered your current address with the local council (empadronamiento).


Once you have received the “resolución favorable que autoriza la prórroga”, you need to make a fingerprint appointment. You can book your appointment online


You need to present the following documents:


1. A copy of a valid passport and copy of important information pages (passport front page and Spanish visa page)


2. Three recent ID photos with white background


3. TASA790 012 payment slip. Payment instructions are the same as before.


4.The letter approving your application from the police station or a copy printed by yourself


5. Application form EX-17


6. Your certificate of Empadronamiento


The student residence is the most laborious but also the most important document for students every year. Without it, you are not entitled to live and study legally in Spain. Adeslas sincerely wishes every student with success in their residence applications, achievements in their studies, and an enriching student life in Spain!




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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 18/01/2022

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