5 most famous churches you cannot miss in Spain

5 most famous churches you cannot miss in Spain

2021-12-07 16:58:59

Spain is a Catholic country. Although impacted profoundly by Arabic and Islamic cultures, Catholic or Christian culture is still a very important component of modern culture. For all the faithful believers, history lovers, and culture fanatics, exploring churches in Spain could be an impressive experience. Here in this article, we will present the most famous 10 churches/Cathedrals in Spain. If you are planning to travel or are living in this amazing country, don’t miss the opportunities to visit them!

1. Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela, a name that any faithful pilgrim would know. Each year, there are millions of pilgrims traveling from other Spanish cities or even outside of Spain to this holy city. And the routes are called as Camino de Santiago in Spanish. The Cathedral of Santiago is not only a meaningful destination, but the facade itself is worth visiting.

Nowadays, besides the religious meanings, ¨el Camino de Santiago¨ is also popular within the non-religious population. They train themselves for the long walking journey, make friends along the way and rest in the inn or even in nature settings. And when they arrive at the destination, they are all silent for a second for this breathtakingly amazing Cathedral.

2. Granada Cathedral & Royal Chapel, Granada

Granada Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church located in Granada. Like many other cathedrals in Andalusia, it was built on top of the mosque after the reconquest of Granada.

The royal chapel of Granada was built between 1505 and 1517 and was integrated into the Granada Cathedral. The Catholic Monarchs, Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand were buried in this chapel. The building also contains a gallery of artworks and items associated with Queen Isabella.

3. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

As one of the symbols of Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia is, without doubt, one of the most famous churches in Spain. The construction of this masterpiece began in 1882 and is still under construction. This amazing façade shows the unique architectural style of the most famous and beloved architect in Barcelona, Gaudí: organic curves and shapes, colors, and even fairy-tale style forms. The traditional window paintings were replaced by shapes, modern representation, and symbols. If you want to visit La Sagrada Família, it's recommended to pick a sunny day with enough sunlight penetrating through the church windows.

Although the church is still under construction, you can easily book a ticket to visit the interior beauty or simply feel the environment.

4. Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, Córdoba

As the name suggests, it is a mixture of mosque and Cathedral, one of the most magnificent representations of the cultural mix in Spain and the Islamic influence in Andalusia. The mosque was constructed in the year 785 on the orders of Abd ar-Rahman. It was expanded multiple times until 1236 when it was converted to a Cathedral. Many scholars believe that this building has been highly influential on the subsequent Moorish architecture in the western Mediterranean region.

5. Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, Zaragoza

The Cathedral-Basilica of our lady of the Pillar is a Roman Catholic church in Zaragoza. It is reputed to be the first church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in history. Around the holy chapel, there are vaults or domes painted with frescoes by Francisco Goya.

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