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Top-rated protection for your home:

Water damage,


theft & robbery,

civil responsibility,

and hundreds more.

Top-rated protection for your home:

Water damage,


theft & robbery,

civil responsibility,

and hundreds more.

What people love about Innoinsure

The best-rated insurance for water damage, which accounts for almost90% of the claims reported. The only insurance that covers exposedpipes and unblocking.

In the event of a fault or emergency, no matter the time and 365 days ayear, call us at 902 10 99 10 and we guarantee we will tend to yourrepairs in less than 24 hours: even on Saturdays and Sundays if they areurgent.

Easiest claim management. Need to report an incident? Do it online inyour own language in 30 seconds instead of talking on the phone for 30minutes.

You won't have to handle anything. In the event of an accident, we willmanage all the paperwork, repairs and payments to professionals.

We get you covered COMPLETELY

Fire, explosion and lightning

Direct material damage arising from the following:

  • Fire.
  • Lightning.
  • Explosion or implosion.
  • Auto explosion.
  • Secondary effects.
Robbery and theft
  • Robbery of possessions and cash inside the insured home.
  • Damages caused to insured possessions inside the insured home due to robbery or attempted robbery.
  • Lock replacement in case of stolen keys.
  • Robbery outside the home.
  • Robbery of a national ID card, passport, and/or driving license.
Water damage
  • Damage caused by an accidental leak of water from pipes or devices connected to them.
  • Damage caused by forgetting to turn off taps or similar.
  • Damage caused by the breakage of pipes owing to frost.
  • Expenses for the repair of recessed pipes causing damage.
Severe weather conditions
  • Rain exceeding 40 l/m²​/hour.
  • Wind exceeding 80 km/h and up to 120 km/h.
  • Hail or snow.
  • Expenses for the repair of direct material damage to buildings insured caused by seepage, leaks, or dampness from external walls, internal walls, ceilings, floors, and outdoor enclosures as a result of atmospheric phenomena.
Acts of vandalism or riots
  • Acts of vandalism or riots, including those stemming from authorized demonstrations or occurring during lawful strikes.
  • Vehicle collision or collision of goods transported by the same.
  • Falling of aircraft and spacecraft.

Expenses for replacement of:

  • glass panes, glass, window, mirrors or perspex.
  • sanitary ware.
  • marble or granite.
  • glass on the vitroceramic hob in worktops owing to breakages.
Electrical Damage

Power surges and dips, short circuits, or combustion caused by electricity or lightning to:

  • pipelines and electrical installations.
  • electrical appliances and the accessories thereof.

Flooding owing to overflow or diversion of lakes with no natural outlet, breakage or failure of watercourses or channels built on land or underground.

Extinguishing, salvage and removal expenses
  • Extinguishing, salvage, and removal expenses.
  • The following expenses when they arise from an incident covered:
    • Levies for fire brigade services.
    • The cost of recharging extinguishers used and other expenses produced in order to extinguish a fire or prevent it from spreading.
    • The cost of actions needed to retrieve insured possessions or minimize the consequences of the incident.
    • Expenses for demolition and removal needed in order to repair the damage, including the costs of transferring the rubble.
Smoke damage

Smoke suddenly and abnormally leaking from the devices or installations insured.

Sound wave damage

Sound (sound waves) caused by aircraft or spacecraft.

Cosmetic damage to buildings

Expenses of returning the buildings to their cosmetic condition prior to the incident within the rooms in the home insured affected by a covered incident, provided that the guaranteed replacement or cosmetic reconstruction is performed.

Document reconstruction

Expenses to obtain duplicates of security titles, such as promissory notes, or documents certifying rights or ownership, such as deeds, damaged in an incident covered or stolen from inside the home.

Civil liability
  • Damages to third parties caused inside the dwelling or common areas attributable to the insured party.
  • Civil liability derived from the possession of potentially dangerous animals.
Home assistance
  • Urgent locksmith.
    A locksmith will be sent to open the entrance door to the insured home when it is impossible to gain access due to the loss, robbery, or misplacement of the key or when the lock is disabled.
  • Emergency power supply.
    Emergency repair of a breakdown in specific installations of the home insured causing power outage in any room of the home.
  • Replacement of television and DVD player.
    Replacement of the insured party’s television or DVD player for a maximum period of 15 days if his own device cannot be used owing to an incident covered by the policy.
  • Hotel, restaurant, laundry.
    • Hotel expenses when an incident covered renders the
      home insured inhabitable.
    • Restaurant expenses when an incident covered leaves the kitchen in the home out of action.
    • Laundry expenses when an incident covered disables the washing machine in the home.
  • Ambulances.
    Expenses for transfer in an ambulance from the home insured to the nearest hospital due to an accident or illness suffered by the insured party or any of the individuals living with him on a regular basis.
  • Security personnel.
    The sending of qualified security personnel when the home
    insured has been left insecure from the outside owing to an
    incident covered by the policy up to a maximum of 24 hours.
Inhabitability or loss of rent

If due to an incident covered by the policy the home insured is temporarily rendered inhabitable, during the time needed to repair or rebuild the home, we cover:

  • The rental cost of a similar home if the insured party is the owner
    and user.
  • The rental amount legally received from the tenant if the insured party is the owner and the property is rented.
  • The difference between the rental amount that was being paid and the rental cost of another similar home if the insured party is the tenant.

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