Adeslas certifies the safety of its dental clinics against Covid-19

Adeslas certifies the safety of its dental clinics against Covid-19

2023-06-26 12:25:53

• New preventive, security, and activity organization measures


Madrid, July 2, 2020.- The Adeslas Dental Clinics have certified the safety protocols adopted to protect employees and patients from the risks of Covid-19. The company's dental centers have established a series of preventive protocols that include cleaning and disinfection activities, safety instructions for clients, social distancing mechanisms, health measures for employees and sensitive personnel, and action guidelines in the event of detection of suspected cases of infection. The plans also include directions for clinic providers.

The new preventive and organizational measures have been verified by SGS, one of the first certified companies in the market, and has also reviewed the procedures for customer service to increase the protection of all those involved in providing health care. The security measures start from the moment of the appointment, which is carried out by telephone or online, and extend to the entire process of the relationship with the patient. The validation of the protocols has also been previously reviewed by Quirón Prevention, which is a company specializing in occupational risk prevention.

The company has also developed a training process for 3,672 employees with the aim that all professionals at the 194 clinics have the information, training, and practice necessary to act in the new context.
Adeslas Dental has more than 58,000 appointments planned for the next seven days. Last year, it handled 4.15 million queries. 1,671 dentists are working in its clinics and there are 1,235 dental chairs.

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