Adeslas salud y bienestar: a free platform to boost your health levels

Adeslas salud y bienestar: a free platform to boost your health levels

2021-12-17 18:52:04

As a medical insurance company, helping and curing our clients is not the only objective we have. We hope to help our clients to be healthier by integrating healthy lifestyles into their daily routines. This is the mission of our platform: Adeslas salud y bienestar. In this article, we will explain how to create a new account on this platform and the benefits you can enjoy as our client.

1. Who are entitled to this right?

Currently, Adeslas Salud y Bienestar is a program available to insured clients over 18 years of age with a health policy contracted with Adeslas, for example our expat insurance.

2. How to access the service?

First of all, you need to create an account on the platform. You have two choices:

You can get an account to log in to this platform by creating an account in the official website, using your customer credentials.

  • click on "acceso cliente"
  • create a client account by clicking on “regístrate
  • choose the type of insurance you bought: in the case of health insurance, it should be “salud
  • Choose the type of card that you are using and fill in the form below

You can also choose to create an account on the salud y bienestar website. The website is available in English. Click on the language switch button on the top right.

After creating the account, you can access the platform. If you encounter any technical issues when accessing the platform, you can write to with your NIE/Passport number and phone number.

3. What benefits can you get from it?

As said before, the commitment of this free platform is to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Among the many benefits it offers, the highlights are:

  • evaluate your health levels by various indices and measurements
  • free plans for you to build your own routine
  • free personal doctor that can evaluate your situation, set up goals, and keep track of your progress
  • available in various devices (website, app, watch)
  • get points by improving your health levels to exchange for gifts and experiences
  • professional health information and feeds for your reference

If you are interested in this project, come and join us by contracting the medical insurance right now!

Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 17/12/2021

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