Asisa Expat Insurance by Innoinsure: A Premier Health Insurance Option in Spain

Asisa Expat Insurance by Innoinsure: A Premier Health Insurance Option in Spain

2024-05-23 01:24:37

The evolution of healthcare in Spain has been significantly reshaped by Asisa, a pioneering healthcare insurance company founded by physicians. Asisa has been a trailblazer for more than five decades, revolutionizing patient care and establishing new benchmarks in quality services and patient-centric approaches. Asisa has a profound impact on the Spanish healthcare scene.



About Asisa:


Asisa is among Spain's oldest and most trusted insurance companies, serving 2.9 million policyholders. Its extensive network spans 300 hospitals, 36 medical centers, and 18 hospitals of its own.

With over 50,000 healthcare professionals, Asisa ensures quality care. It connects to 1,000+ medical centers, providing 30,000+ hospital beds across Spain.

Asisa's proprietary medical centers boast accreditations for exceptional service and management. In 2014, Asisa Dental earned ISO 9001 quality certification, setting industry standards.

Asisa's commitment to patient empowerment, quality healthcare, and a physician-driven approach has raised the bar for healthcare standards in Spain. As it continues to evolve and innovate, ASISA remains steadfast in its dedication to enhancing the well-being of its policyholders and reshaping the healthcare landscape in Spain.



Features of Asisa´s expat insurance:


Fulfills all Visa/NIE Application/renewal requirements: The Asisa expat insurance offered at Innoinsure is a product that fulfills all the requirements required by the consulate

  • Operates within Spain
  • Comprehensive coverage, the same as the public health system: emergencies, consultations, diagnostic tests, inpatient/outpatient surgeries, hospitalizations, etc.
  • Unlimited economic coverage within Spain
  • No copayment or deductible
  • Zero waiting periods
  • Repatriation of remains included

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