Decoding the Criteria: How InnoInsure Selects Insurance Products for You

Decoding the Criteria: How InnoInsure Selects Insurance Products for You

2024-06-28 03:40:38

Welcome to InnoInsure, where we are dedicated to providing tailored insurance options that align with your specific needs. If you're curious about the criteria guiding our selection of insurance providers, let's dive into the details:
Visa Requirements: Navigating the Essentials
Ensuring seamless visa compliance is at the core of our insurance selection process. We meticulously evaluate expat insurance products against the stringent criteria set by Spanish consulates, embassies, and extranjeria offices.
Besides Operational Presence in Spain, Comprehensive Coverage, Unlimited Financial Coverage, Zero Co-payment or Deductible, Two standout criteria that set policies apart are:
  • No Waiting Period: This refers to the waiting time before you can start using the insurance services. To meet Spanish visa requirements, our selected expat insurance products do not contain waiting periods.
  • Repatriation to Home Country: In accordance with consulate regulations, it is mandatory for insurance to cover the repatriation of remains to the client's home country. In response to this requirement, we exclusively provide insurance options that fully meet this stipulation. However, this crucial aspect is sometimes overlooked or misunderstood by customers and even some insurance companies, and certain insurance products may only cover repatriation back to Spain, falling short of meeting necessary requirements. Considering these nuances is crucial when selecting an insurance policy to ensure alignment with specific needs and expectations of Spanish consulates.
Medical Network Coverage: Ensuring Quality Accessibility

While expat insurance typically includes Spanish medical coverage and foreign country travel assistance, not all products deliver the same level of quality in national coverage. Our commitment to a holistic experience sets us apart. We prioritize national coverage, emphasizing both breadth and quality in medical services.
  • National Medical Coverage: Our focal point is to offer comprehensive coverage spanning the entire country—an aspect overlooked by some insurance providers. This approach enables expats and international students to traverse the entirety of Spain with carefree confidence. Recognizing their pursuit of a wholesome experience beyond habitual residency, our national coverage ensures their well-being throughout the diverse landscapes of the country.
  • Quality Evaluation: We meticulously assess insurance companies' collaborations with renowned hospitals, clinics, and medical centers in Spain. This thorough evaluation ensures a harmonious blend of high-quality medical network coverage and access to a diverse range of medical facilities.
Inclusion of Clients: Accepting More Ages and Pre-Existing Conditions

Recognizing the stringent consulate requirements, we actively seek collaboration with insurance companies to include as many clients as possible, enabling them to pursue their dreams of residing or studying in Spain:
  • Age Coverage: Our collaboration focuses on products that cater to a broad age range, currently including options for clients up to 99 years old.
  • Pre-existing Conditions (PEC): We opt for companies/products that consider covering clients with pre-existing conditions based on the specific situation and severity.
Value for Money: Beyond the Basics

As industry experts, we extend our offerings beyond the basics, ensuring that our selected insurance options provide exceptional value for your money:
  • Fair and Cost-Effective Prices: Our emphasis is on choosing insurance with competitive pricing.
  • Additional Benefits: We also value other exceptional benefits of products, such as reimbursement of pharmaceutical costs, enhanced dental coverage, and health and well-being programs to ensure the best value for our clients.
At InnoInsure, our commitment is to guide you towards insurance options that not only meet visa requirements but also provide comprehensive coverage, inclusivity, and exceptional value for money.

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