Guide on how to teach English in Spain

Guide on how to teach English in Spain

2023-11-16 01:08:53

Teaching English is one of the most popular career choices when English native speakers go to a county where English is not their official language. Many people make this transit because they find it hard to look for a similar job that they used to carry out in their home country, due to language barriers. Some people may choose to teach English in a foreign country simply because they want to experience a new culture, they find the work very rewarding, or they want to try something new.


For most, it might seem easy to teach your mother tongue. But since the competition is intense, now it’s nearly impossible to teach English without proper qualifications. Furthermore, non-native speakers also can obtain several qualifications since English has always been a language in high demand, which makes the competition even more difficult.  


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1. What qualifications do I need to become an English teacher in Spain?

2. How can I get a TEFL qualification?

3. How long does it take to get qualified?

4. How much does a TEFL certificate cost?

5. If I want to teach in Spain, do I need to speak Spanish?

6. What kind of jobs can I get as an English teacher in Spain?



1. What qualifications do I need to become an English teacher in Spain?


English teacher in Spain


  • TEFL(TESOL) certificate: TEFL certificate, which stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”, is a crucial qualification you can get if you want to teach English to speakers of other languages. This qualification is also known as TESOL, which better indicates the meaning of “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages”.
  • It’s also recommended to include other relevant certificates to have more competence for the same job post: such as English language and literature bachelor/master/doctorate diploma, translation certifications, and English teaching courses taken at authoritative institutions.



2. How can I get a TEFL qualification?


As mentioned before, TEFL is one of the major certificates that English teacher job postings usually search for. In addition, this certificate can be obtained in different ways:


  • Attend a local college or offline institution: Usually, these courses have fixed timetables.
  • Complete an online course, which you can study when you want and where you want


Whether you are in your home country or are in Spain, usually you can find either of the two types of schools mentioned above. People with busy lifestyles are prone to choose a self-paced and flexible course structure.


Well-known TEFL / TESOL accrediting bodies include TQUK, College of Teachers, and ACCET. Courses offered directly through an accredited university will also be considered accredited, including SIT, Cambridge University (CELTA), and Trinity University (Trinity certificate).


Note that some TEFL / TESOL schools without a true accreditation have set up their own “accrediting body” (usually with its website and other trappings like an impressive-sounding name) to provide them with a faux accreditation that is not recognized in the TEFL field.



3. How long does it take to get qualified?


It depends on the type of course you choose. It might take 1 week, 1 month or more, which depends on the learning and lifestyle you decide.


  • If you attend offline organized courses, you will have a fixed timetable, which you cannot change. You must finish the course at the time indicated in the timetable.
  • If you choose a flexible online course, you can do it whenever you have time and finish it when you are ready.



4. How much does a TEFL certificate cost?


Paying for your TEFL with a credit card


It depends on the location you are in, the institution you choose, and the level you aim for.


  • The price might vary across locations and institutions. With you can get pricing starting from €169.
  • The higher the qualification you want to get, the more money you need to pay. Although this implies a higher cost for higher certifications, you will have a greater variety of job offers and have more chances of getting a better job is higher.


TEFL course providers usually give various promotions. If you are not in a hurry, keep an eye on the promotions and wait for the best bargain!



5. If I want to teach in Spain, do I need to speak Spanish?


Spain is usually not forced:


  • Recruiters are often more interested if you are a native speaker with a TEFL certificate.
  • But in some cases, they do require teachers who speak Spanish. And you might notice that teachers who speak Spanish are more competitive on average.



6. What type of treaching jobs can I get as an English teacher in Spain?


There are a lot of different options you might choose from.


  • Teachers without much experience or certificates: such as online teaching platform jobs, home tutors, and teaching volunteers. The pay is usually lower or even without pay. The price one-hour class is around €10-15.
  • Teachers with experience and certificates: a contractual job in schools or academies. The pay is €1200-1500 per month, which requires you to work 20-25 hours per week.
  • Special teaching programs designed for a group of people: government-funded programs, such as Auxiliares de conversación extranjeros en España. The pay depends on the experience level and working hours required but the pay may be more than others.


In some cases, such as volunteer work and the government-funded program mentioned above, you need to apply for a student visa. Here at Adeslas, we offer the best visa insurance (medical insurance) that meets all the requirements for a student visa.


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