Guide to apply for a residence permit for internship (autorización para residencia de prácticas)

Guide to apply for a residence permit for internship (autorización para residencia de prácticas)

2021-09-13 21:36:07

Every year, a lot of non-EU students graduate from Spanish universities with whether a bachelor, master, or Ph.D. degree. Those who wish to start working in Spain may find it very hard to fulfill the requirements of the change from student residence to the working permit, mainly due to the following reasons:


  • Unable to fulfill the requirement of time spent in Spain: to get a working permit when holding a student residence, you need to have resided in Spain for more than 3 years continuously until the moment you apply for the permit. This is especially a strong barrier for those who come to study for a one-year master.
  • Unable to find a company to sponsor the student: there are several requirements and not all companies want to sponsor a foreign student for the additional costs of sponsoring the visa.
  • Unable to get the working permit because you have received scholarships from Spain or your country of origin.


1. How can this residence permit benefit the employee and the employer?


This is quite beneficial for you because:


  • You don't need to go back to your country of origin to apply for a visa anymore.
  • You can request this modification without fulfilling the requirement of having to stay in Spain for 3 years.


This residence permit is also very beneficial to your company because:


  • It saves time for the company because the application is done online.
  • This residence permit grants the company to pay you less than a normal employee for now and enjoys social security discounts, making it easier for the company to sponsor your visa.


2. Who is eligible for this residence?


You can benefit from this residence permit if you:


  • have completed within the last two years or is still having a level 6 or higher studies (university studies, masters, doctorates, higher sports education, higher-level professional training, and higher artistic education). Any inferior training will not be accepted, and the application would be denied.
    • Studies can be both in Spain and outside of Spain. You can request this authorization whether you are studying in Spanish territory or you are doing it or have done it in another country.
    • In case of being within the Spanish territory, you need to have a valid TIE.


3. There are two ways available: internship agreement and contract


Obtaining residence authorization for internship in Spain allows two possible and differentiated paths:


  • By employment contract:
    • Through the internship contract, there is a contractual relationship with the company or self-employed that hires the student, so the student is a worker of the same and contributes to social security.
    • These are contracts with a total maximum duration of 1 year, although it is usual to contract for 6 months (the minimum) and renew once this term ends.
    • At the salary level, you will not be able to earn less than the interprofessional minimum for that position.
    • If the student becomes unemployed, he will be entitled to unemployment benefits.


  • Or through an agreement:
    • In this case, the student is NOT an employee of the company.
    • In this case, since the university or higher education center oversees issuing the agreement, the student must be studying at the time of application (it would not be possible to have the option of having finished them already). 


4. What are the requirements to apply for this permit?


There are a series of requirements that both the student and the company must meet to apply for this residence permit:


  • A full copy of your valid passport
  • A full copy of your valid TIE if applicable
  • The internships must be within the same scope as the higher studies completed, and at the same level of qualification. That is, the specific tasks and the position/functions of the student must go along the same lines.
  • Health insurance: the student must have private health insurance with the same coverage as the Spanish public health, without deficiencies or co-payments. Its duration must be at least 1 year. Our expat insurance can fulfill all the requirements.
  • Sufficient economical means: You must show that you have100% of the IPREM. If you have an internship contract, you can use it as funds.
  • The company that offers the internship must be up-to-date with payments with the Treasury and Social Security. The company will be the one who initiates the request in the government delegation in which it is located or where her work activity is carried out.
  • Contract or internship: At the documentation level, you must present the contract or internship agreement signed by all the parties involved. 
  • You need to present a properly filled EX-04 model.
  • It is necessary to attach a document in which the company details the description of the internship program, its duration, conditions, who is the supervisor or instructor, hours of work, etc.



5. How long does the process take?


As everything is done electronically, the process is much faster and more agile. The resolution time is 30 business days, and if after this period you do not receive a response, by positive silence the resolution is considered approved.


6. For how long is this authorization granted?


The time depends on whether it’s an agreement or an internship contract.


  • In the case of an internship agreement, it depends on the duration of the agreement. 
    • The maximum of the initial application is 6 months, but it may be less if the agreement specifies
    • After these 6 months, it is possible to renew for an additional 6 months. At the end of that year, the employer must modify the general regime if the company wants to continue to have the worker.


  • In the case of an internship contract, it depends on the duration of the internship contract. In this case, the maximum is 2 years, without being able to be less than 6 months.


  • Note: The request is linked to the specific company. That is, if at the end of the 6 months of the contract you want to change company, you will have to make another request from 0, as the initial one does not work for you.


7. You can modify this residence again to obtain a working permit!


Once the validity of your internship or agreement ends, you can change the residence to obtain a working permit. Then with the renewable work permit, you can continue working and achieve permanent residence finally in the country.


8. Don’t forget to ask for help from us!


Our expat insurance fulfills all the requirements for this visa residence permit, residence card renewal as well as meets all the visa requirements. This is trusted by more than 100000 international students and not even one application was rejected because of the insurance.




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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 13/09/2021

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