Guide to driving points in Spain

Guide to driving points in Spain

2021-08-26 15:45:00

Like many countries, Spain also implements a driving point system to regulate driving behavior. Points are initially given to the driver based on their past driving experience.

In case of violation of any driving regulation, points will be subtracted from your driving license.

1. How many points do I have?  

  • Novice drivers and drivers that need to reobtain the permit start with 8 points. If after three years they don´t lose any points, they will be having 12 points in their balance.
  • Experienced drivers (with experience of more than 3 years) start with a balance of 12 points. If in 3 years no point subtraction has been implemented, the initial 12 will be increased by 2 points. After another 3 years without infractions, another point will be added, leading to 15 points in total.

2. How to obtain a points certificate?

Sometimes you might be asked to provide a points certificate for several occasions, especially if you are an experienced driver. You can access the certificate following the instructions here.

3. On what occasion will you lose points?

You will lose points if you commit a serious or very serious offense. You will usually be penalized 2,3, 4, or 6 points per violation depending on the type of offense and the severity:

However, you might also lose all the points in a single day if you commit the following offenses:

  • You drive with illegal levels of alcohol, or with the presence of drugs in the body
  • You refuse to carry out drug and alcohol tests
  • You exceed the authorized speed by more than 50% of the speeding limit
  • You are manifestly driving recklessly and dangerously 
  • You drive a vehicle with radar jammers installed
  • You drive in the opposite direction of the road
  • You run unauthorized races with other drivers
  • You breach the mandatory driving and rest times by more than 50% if you are a professional driver (such as truck drivers, taxi drivers, etc.)

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4. Can I recover the points if I lose them?

As long as you have some points on your permit, even if you have lost some of them, you can still recover your points in the following 2 ways:

  • Be a good driver: If in the following 2 years you don´t commit any serious offense, or in the following 3 years you don´t commit any very serious offense, you will have your initial-level points recovered.
  • Take a road awareness and re-education course in a certified center: This course is 12-hour long, which helps you to recover up to a maximum of 6 points to your permit, not exceeding your initial balance of points.
    • Normal drivers: can take this course every two years
    • Professional drivers (people whose profession is related to driving): can take this course every year

5. What if I lose all the points?

If you run out all your credit points:

  • First, you will receive a notification of the agreement by which the loss of validity of your driving license begins.
  • Then, you have the right to present allegations the following 10 days if applicable.
  • Finally, if you still receive the notification of the loss of validity, you will have to hand over the permit at any Traffic headquarter or office, and you will not be able to drive from that moment.

To obtain your driving license again:

  • First, for 6 months you cannot drive, 3 months if you are a professional driver.
  • Then, when you accomplish the penalty, you need to follow these steps to retain your driver’s license:
  • Carry out and pass the road awareness and reeducation course. This will last about 24 hours and you can do it during the period when you cannot drive. For information on the centers that offer the courses in your city, the cost, and dates, consult our Point Recovery Courses service.
  • Once this period has elapsed and the awareness and re-education course has been passed, you must pass a theoretical exam. Make an appointment for the exam through your center or driving school, or directly at your Traffic office.
  • Once you have passed the exam, remember that you have to request the issuance of your new permit which can be sent to your home. Remember that in the new permit you obtain you will have a balance of 8 points.


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 Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 26/08/2021

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