Guide to get a social security number (número de Seguridad social) in Spain

Guide to get a social security number (número de Seguridad social) in Spain

2021-10-06 16:59:34

For those expats that want to work or carry out paid internships, getting a social security number is a compulsory bureaucratic process. With this number, you can make contributions to social security and enjoy the benefits you are entitled to, such as retirement, disability, or unemployment.

Usually, when you confirmed the offer of a company and started with human resource procedures, you need to inform them of your social security number, which they will use to enroll you in the system. This article will explain the application process.

1. Who is responsible for this process?

According to the social security office. The employees and the company can both apply for the social security number. Therefore, no matter if you are an employee, an HR personnel, or a business owner, it´s important to get familiar with this process.

2. What documents are necessary for the process?

The application is extremely easy with only two documents needed.

  • Modelo TA1, duly filled in and signed
  • TIE card or passport

3. Where should I carry out the application process?

You can choose to submit the applications online and offline.

  • Online:
    • If you choose to apply online, you need to submit all the needed documents using a digital certificate by going to the electronic center. This application can be done by the employees.
    • Once the application was submitted, the social security office will proceed with the process and give the correspondent resolution result when possible.
    • The resolution and notification time is 45 days. If you haven´t received any notification after this period, it´s perceived that you have already been approved for the application.
  • Offline:
    • Likewise, you need to prepare the same documents for your application.
    • After preparing all the necessary documents, you can search for social security offices near your home address in this portal.
    • In case of any inconvenience, you can call the office to confirm if you need to make an appointment or if they accept offline applications.
    • The offline application procedure is usually a little more complex, but in some offices, you might get the social security number the same day.

4. Relevant features of social security number

  • It is mandatory for the people included in the System for rights and obligations.
  • It is unique and general for all the Regimes of the system.
  • It extends to the entire life of the person included in the System.
  • It is exclusive only to the person assigned.

5. After enrolling in the system, you can get the following documents with your labor life records:

  • Document of labor life (Vida laboral): Through this service, you will be able to consult all your registration and cancellation situations in the different Social Security regimes and the number of days you have been registered, both in a complete or limited way according to your search. You need a cl@ve account to access the service.
  • Document of the actual situation of the worker: This is a service that permits you to consult online and print out a document about working life. You can use a digital certificate, cl@ve, SMS, or even username and password to access this document.

It is true that social security can offer many benefits to employees. You might even have access to public healthcare if you have a contractual relationship with your company. However, public healthcare is not always efficient, and it has been long criticized for the long waiting queues.

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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 06/10/2021

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