Guide to taxes required when buying a house in Spain

Guide to taxes required when buying a house in Spain

2023-07-05 01:26:39

Have you been renting a house for a long time and want to have your own home in Spain? Do you want to seize the opportunity and buy a house now before prices continue to rise? This article today will inform you of all the taxes you need to consider when buying a house in Spain.


1. Taxes needed to be paid at House Buying Stage

2. Taxes to be paid at Home Ownership Stage


1. Taxes needed to be paid at House Buying Stage


  • Stamp Duty (AJD)-paid when new houses are traded


The stamp duty rate is 1%~2% of the total house price (The tax may fluctuate depending on the different autonomous).


  • Value-Added Tax (IVA)-paid at the time of the new house transaction  


A 10% value-added tax on the house price must be paid in the new housing transaction. For example, if the house is worth 200,000 euros, you will have to pay those 200,000 euros plus 20,000 euros (10% x 200,000 euros) of VAT. You do not have to do any paperwork regarding the payment of the tax since it will be the seller who does the paperwork for that tax in the Treasury.

(This picture shows the tax of AJD and IVA in different regions of Spain)

  • Transfer Tax (ITP)-paid when the second-hand house is traded     


When you buy a second-hand home, the operation does not carry VAT, but it is not tax-free. This is where the Onerous Asset Transfer Tax, known as TPO or ITP, comes into effect.


In this case, you are the one who is obliged to prepare and present the tax paperwork. It is an extra cost not included in the price, similar to when talked about VAT before.


The transfer tax of 6%-10% of the house price. This tax is paid after signing the public deed (the total amount). This is important to know as all the deposits that are paid before the end of the sale won’t include the corresponding prorated ITP percentage. If you are paying property tax you won’t be paying extra stamp duty (AJD). That is because property transfer tax contains the AJD tax within. 

(This picture shows the ITP tax value of each region in Spain)

Statistics per region of Spain


  • Land registry fees


The Land Registry (Registro de la Propiedad) officially records the ownership of the property in your name once the purchase has been completed. The real estate registration fee is about 0.1%~2% of the total house price, depending on whether a mortgage is involved. This seemingly simple note of registration requires the status check of the property, which would help to detect if the property has hidden vices.


  • Notary fees


The notary was charged with preparing the title deeds for the sale and witnessing the signature of the deeds by both parties. The amount of this tax may depend on several factors:


1) The agreed price of the property

2) If there is any mortgage

3) The number of pages/sections the contract has

4) How many parties interfere in the transaction

5) The notary itself, as some offer lower rates than others


  • Mortgage costs and bank charges


If the buyer needs to apply for a loan to purchase a house, the bank will require an initial property valuation. The price is about 500 euros, depending on the type of property to be evaluated and other decisions. Then you should also take into account the specific mortgage costs (interest payment) you agree with the bank.


  • Estate agent costs or legal expenses


Usually, expats will search for the help of estate agents or lawyers. You should also consider these costs according to your specific case.



2. Taxes to be paid at Home Ownership Stage


  • Real estate tax (IBI)


The tax rate is 0.4%~1.10% of the total house price (net value). (The tax rate fluctuates according to the municipal value of each city)


  • Non-residential real estate tax
    • If you own Spanish real estate but are not living in Spain, you are required to pay a non-resident tax of approximately 2% of the total house price. The amount will be indicated in the real estate tax bill. (IRNR)
    • If you are renting out a house, you need to pay personal income tax at 18-24% of the rental income. (IRPF)


  • Property management fees


The property management fee varies according to the house type and the difference in the real estate purchased by the customer. The property management fee for ordinary residential buildings and elevator rooms with independent residential buildings ranges from 40 to 200 euros per month.


  • Urban garbage tax


According to different regions, the urban garbage tax can vary from 60 to 190 Euros per year.


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