Guide to utilities in Spain:  electricity usage

Guide to utilities in Spain: electricity usage

2021-11-02 20:45:05

Electricity bills are usually a large part of the utility cost. Unlike water usage in Spain, customers have more freedom to choose electricity providers. First, remember that in Spain, the bills of electricity are not called la Electricidad, but rather la luz (the light).

If you are renting a house… You usually do not have much freedom to choose an electricity provider because these decisions are usually controlled by your landlord. But you can ask about the electricity provider and the fee-charging system to control the usage.

If you are buying a new house, you can compare the different service providers in the market or even set up energy generation installations to self-generate energy and save money!

1. What are the most important electricity providers in Spain?

The main companies include (the list follows an alphabetical order):

  • EDP Energeía
  • Endesa
  • Hola Luz
  • Iberdrola
  • Naturgy
  • Repsol

Currently, electricity in Spain is a competitive market, where companies might give flash offers to attract customers to switch.

2. Green energy options in Spain

For some expats, living sustainably is important. Thus, knowing the sustainable energy providers is important to achieve this goal. In Spain, the most important green energy source is wind, accounting for nearly 50% of renewable energy. This is followed by hydropower and solar power.

Some companies that offer green energy are (the list follows an alphabetical order):

  • Acciona
  • BioFuel Systems
  • EDP Renováveis
  • Endesa X
  • Hola Luz
  • Iberdrola Renovables
  • Torresol Energy

Some companies, like Hola Luz, also provide services such as setting up a solar panel. If you have a spacious terrace/garden and are permitted to do so, you can consider contracting a solar panel set-up service. The installation costs are decreasing because there are gradually more new entrants to the market.

3. How to contract an energy supplier?

Once you decide which company to pick, you can sign up easily by providing the following documents as well as other additional information needed:  

  • Identity proof: passport in the case of ex-pats
  • NIE number
  • Spanish bank account details
  • Address proof

If you want to switch to a different energy provider, the process will be easy.

  • You just need to go to the new provider which you are considering switching to and provide information such as:
    • Universal supply point code (Código Universal de Punto de Suministro, CUPS), a unique code that identifies the household in the electric bills
    • An electricity installation certificate
  • The new company will then advance the switch directly with the previous company you had a contract with.

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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 02/11/2021

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