Guide to utilities in Spain: water usage and payment

Guide to utilities in Spain: water usage and payment

2021-11-02 20:37:37

If you decide to rent a house for more than a month, you might need to think about Spanish water usage and relevant bills. Because usually, when you rent a house or buy a house, you might need to pay utility bills separately. And water usage is one of the bills you need to think about.

Spanish water supply is said to be one of the best and the cheapest in the EU. The water supply is usually administered at local levels. If you live in certain cities, you can't choose a water provider. But in others, you might be able to switch between companies. Here, we will give some useful tips on water usage for both tenants and property owners.

1. How to pay the water bills?

This might depend on whether you are going to rent or buy a house. This also depends on the requirements of the seller/landlord.

  • Pay the bills to the landlord: This happens if the renting contract establishes that the rent you pay to the landlord includes the water bills. In this case, you might pay the landlord when you pay the monthly rent.
  • Pay the bills directly to the company: If the landlord wants, you can also register your transfer of the water contract to your name by registering in the city town hall (ayuntamiento). You can decide to pay monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly according to the regulations of the company. Besides, you can also play with different options. You need to provide the following documents to sign up:
    • Identity proof: passport in the case of ex-pats
    • NIE number
    • Spanish bank account details
    • Address proof

2. What companies are there available in the water supply?

It's important to recall that the Spanish water supply employs a public-private mix. You might not choose the water supplier you want if you live in a region that has only one public provider.

Still, the most widely used private water supplier is Aguas de Barcelona (Aigües de Barcelona). And the largest public water company is Canal de Isabel II, which serves the metropolitan area of Madrid.

3. Some tips when using water in Spain

  • If you need to pay the water bills to the landlord, make sure to ask for the original documents: It’s normal to pay for a certain amount of deposit if you rent a house or a room in Spain. To not give back the deposit, some landlords may lie about the utility fees, and give back a discounted deposit, or even do not return any deposit.
  • If you want to save water use, you can look for and buy water savers in reliable stores.
  • If you don’t like the water with calcium, you can buy filters, whether for drinking water or showers: Although the Spanish water supply is considered as one of the best in the EU, some people still don’t like it. Water filters are popular among expats.  

4. We care for your everyday life!

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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 02/11/2021

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