Navigating Expat Health Insurance: DKV vs. ASISA for Spanish Visa Applications

Navigating Expat Health Insurance: DKV vs. ASISA for Spanish Visa Applications

2024-05-27 12:05:04

When it comes to securing a visa for Spain, having comprehensive health insurance is a non-negotiable requirement. This prerequisite often becomes a stumbling block for many individuals navigating through the visa application process. The abundance of insurance options and the lack of comprehensive information make choosing the right one a daunting task. To alleviate this challenge, our blog aims to shed light on two prominent expat insurance policies: DKV and ASISA. By providing a clear comparison, we empower individuals by highlighting commonalities and differences between these policies, aiding in the decision-making process for their Spanish visa application needs.



Commonalities in Fulfilling Visa Requirements:


Applying for a Spanish visa requires health insurance that fulfills specific criteria. Both DKV and ASISA check all the crucial boxes:


1. Operates in Spain: Both insurance providers have a strong presence in Spain, ensuring comprehensive access to healthcare services throughout the country.

2. Coverage without Economic Limits: Emergencies, consultations, diagnostic tests, surgeries (inpatient and outpatient), and hospitalizations are fully covered without constraints on financial limits, ensuring comprehensive healthcare.

3. No Copayment or Deductible: Access to healthcare services is hassle-free without any copayments or deductibles, simplifying the process for individuals.

4. No Waiting Period: Immediate access to medical services without a waiting period ensures prompt and necessary healthcare provision.

5. Repatriation of Remains: In unforeseen circumstances, both DKV and ASISA offer the provision for repatriation of remains to the individual's home country, providing holistic coverage.



Distinguishing Factors:


Features DKV ASISA
Age Coverage 0-99 years old 0-65 years old
Travel Assistance Outside Spain Up to 180 days, €20,000 per year Up to 90 days, €12,000 per year
Medicine Costs 50% refund on prescribed meds, €100/year Not covered
Dental Coverage Comprehensive, 55+ included services Basic, limited services



Navigating the main differences between DKV and ASISA can be pivotal in making an informed decision:


Age Coverage: DKV extends coverage to individuals up to 99 years old, accommodating a broader age range compared to ASISA, which caters to those up to 65 years old.

Travel Assistance Outside Spain: DKV provides more extended coverage for travel outside Spain, offering financial assistance for medical emergencies for up to 180 days, compared to ASISA’s 90-day coverage with lower financial limits.

Medicine Costs: DKV provides partial reimbursement (50%) on prescribed medications, capped annually at €100, while ASISA does not cover medication expenses.

Dental Coverage: DKV's dental coverage is comprehensive, offering over 100 free or discounted services, whereas ASISA provides basic dental care with limited services.



In conclusion, this comparison aims to demystify the complexities of expat health insurance, specifically tailored for Spanish visa applications. By highlighting the similarities and differences between DKV and ASISA, our goal is to empower individuals in making a well-informed decision that aligns with their unique needs and preferences.


Please note that this comparison is intended as a helpful guide for individuals considering expat health insurance options for Spanish visa applications. The information provided about DKV and ASISA policies is a general overview and may not encompass all policy details. For comprehensive and precise information, it is recommended to refer directly to the policies' terms and conditions as provided by DKV and ASISA.

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