New to Spain? You would need these survival Spanish phrases!

New to Spain? You would need these survival Spanish phrases!

2021-10-27 15:54:00

Spain is a super international country, with a lot of expats coming from every part of the world. But not every new expat speaks Spanish because knowing some Spanish is somehow not necessary for several visa applications.

However, you should understand that in Spain less than 25% of the population speaks and understands English! And what’s worse, the workers in service sectors usually do not speak English (unless you are in a famous meeting point for foreigners). Therefore, having some Spanish knowledge is extremely important to lead a normal daily life.

1. Hey!

Always remember to say Hola when you meet your Spanish neighbors or simply step into a restaurant. If you don’t greet them, it might be seen as being impolite!

  • You can combine Hola with any of the expressions above (except for hola buenas) to make the whole greeting sound more natural:
    • Buenos días: Good morning
    • Buenas tardes: Good Afternoon
    • Buenas noches: Good Evening
    • Cómo estás?: How are you:?
    • Qué tal?: What's up?  
    • Hola buenas: a cooler way of saying Hola
    • Soy+your name: My name is ……
    • Encantado/Encantada: Nice to meet you! Men should use encantado while women should use encantada.

2. I am sorry!

When you start using a new language, making mistakes and causing misunderstandings are not evitable. Therefore, it’s always good to know how to say sorry.

  • Perdón: If you do not understand what the others are saying to you or if you did something wrong, you can say this. Example:
    • Perdón, no hablo español: Sorry, I don't speak Spanish
  • Lo siento: I'm sorry. But this is with deeper emotion. It could be suitable when hearing some bad news.
  • Con permiso: It means excuse me. You might use it when you walk past someone in crowded public transportation.
  • Disculpe: It also means excuse me. It's better to use it when you make a question or try to attract someone's attention. It's very useful when you are lost, for example:
    • Disculpe, hay algún … cercano?: Excuse me, is there any … near here?
    • Disculpe, dónde está ……?: Excuse me, where is …?

3. I want to eat…

When you are in a restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria, you might also come across waiters that do not understand English. Let’s see what sentences you could use on these occasions.

  • Tengo una reserva: I have a reservation.
    • They might ask you other things to confirm the information, be sure to understand their questions such as:
      • ¿Cuál es su/tu nombre?: What is your name?
      • ¿A qué hora tienes la reserva?: At what time do you have the reservation?
  • Quiero…: I want… On most occasions, you can simply say ¨quiero+the dish you want¨ to order food. Sometimes, they might ask you if you want any bebida(drinks), postre(dessert), entrante(starter).
  • De primero/segundo, quiero: As for the starter/main course, I want…
  • No como…: I don't eat… Make sure to know the Spanish name of the things you don't eat.
  • Soy vegetariano/vegano: I am vegetarian/vegan.
  • ¡Salud!: Cheers!
  • La cuenta, por favor: The bills, please.
  • Con tarjeta: (pay) with card
  • En efectivo: (pay) with cash

4. Going shopping

Most shopping stores are foreigner-friendly because they let you try products, or clothes, by yourself. When you are ready you can go directly to the counter. You barely need to talk with the shop assistants. However, it´s still worth it to learn some shopping Spanish just in case.

  • ¿Puedo probar…?: Can I try…?
  • ¿Cuánto cuesta/cuestan?: How much is it/are they?
  • ¿Teneis…?: Do you have…?

5. Goodbye

  • Adiós: Bye
  • Hasta luego: See you later
  • Hasta mañana: See you tomorrow
  • Nos vemos: See you

6. Other useful phrases

  • Gracias: Thank you!
  • Muchas gracias: Thank you so much!
  • Necesito ayuda: I need help.
  • Hablas inglés?: Do you speak English?
  • Alguien habla inglés?: Is there anyone speaking English?

7. You don't need to speak Spanish with us!

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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 27/10/2021

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