Reside in Spain: live a unique Mediterranean life

Reside in Spain: live a unique Mediterranean life

2021-08-24 16:45:13

For many people, the enviable climate is the reason why they chose to reside in Spain. Apart from the pleasant sunshine and balanced temperature, there’s a lot more about the Mediterranean wisdom and why you should choose Spain as your next home.

1. Nutrition-rich produce and healthy recipes

Spain is known to be a major fruit and vegetable producer in the European Union. Famous for its relatively low living expenses, you can encounter diverse vegetables and fruits at affordable prices. Shrewd locals are used to buying high-quality fresh products from their favorite stands in the local market. Due to time constraints, working professionals can easily access organic products in the nearest supermarkets.

For foodies, Spain's superb gastronomic skills are an important part of its culture, which carries people's love for the land and life. Whether it’s the exquisite street “tapas” with a glass of “sangria” or a freshly-served “paella” beside the beach, you can always let yourself stop for a second and enjoy the precious moment. From “Fabada” in Asturias, “Pintxos” in the Basque country, to “cocido” in Madrid and “Jamón Iberico” in Andalusia (Jabugo), there´s always a special dish that comforts your inner wants for gourmet food.

When you are in this gastronomic capital, you will have full access to all the fine foods and Mediterranean recipes mentioned above, where the secrets for longevity were said to be found.

2. Education expenses and quality

In Spain, the education system is well-structured with a lot of benefits for nationals as well as legal immigrants. If you want to move abroad with your dependent children, Spain is a great destination to consider.

In Spain, immigrants under the age of 16 have the right and duty to be enrolled in school. They can choose between public schools, private schools, or religious schools. If they choose public schools, they are entitled to free and mandatory education until they reach the age of 16. After that age, immigrant students can still form part of the post-obligatory education in Spain, and it will also be free for them.

If you want your children to get higher-quality or more specialized education, private school is another popular choice. A vast range of leading international schools is located in big cities such as Barcelona, Madrid.

Spain also has a lot of great universities for students who want to further their studies at a more professional level. The most famous universities are located in Madrid and Barcelona. But there are also great universities located in Seville, Granada, or even in the Balearic Islands.

3. Entertainment and cultural heritages

Spain enjoys many glorious beaches, ranging from “Costa Brava” in Catalonia, “Costa Blanca” in Valencia, to “Costa del Sol” in Andalusia. These beaches are hot spots for investors that want to fully enjoy life under the sunshine and beside the sea, where surfing, Beach Volleyball, and underwater activities are available most time of the year.

Away from the coast, the undulating hills and mountains such as “Sierra Nevada” are some of the best places for mountainous outdoor activities such as hike, ski, and cycle.

Each city in Spain has its own charm. Apart from natural resources available in this beautiful country, it also possesses the third-largest number of Unesco World Heritage sites of any country due to its splendid cultures and architectural masterpieces. The country owns world-class museums, galleries, architecture, which showcases a special mix of Roman and Moorish cultures. While tourists need to pay a high entrance fee to these cultural infrastructures, residents of a specific city usually have less expensive or even free cultural sites.

In addition, Spain has several of the most beloved football teams around the world, such as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Spain is also a famous destination of music festivals and its so-called ”Discoteca“ nightlife cultures.

4. Health facilities and health insurance

Spain is usually listed as one of the healthiest countries in the world. In 2019, Bloomberg published its 2019 healthiest country index where Spain was ranked as the healthiest country in the world. The eating habits, life expectancy, smoking and obesity rates, and environmental factors, as well as the healthcare system, were important measurements in the report and Spain scored 92.8 out of 100 as the healthiest country.

According to a report published by World Economic Forum, Spain’s healthcare is leading the world’s ranking. The health insurance system is also well constructed in the country. Although all residents are entitled to public medical insurance, private medical insurance wins superiority if you want to live a more secure and higher-quality life. Adeslas has long been ranked as the No.1 health insurance in Spain, trusted by more than 6 million customers. Innoinsure, as the international office of Adeslas, serves the customers wholeheartedly using English to guarantee the best customer satisfaction and easiest claim management. You can learn more details about our medical insurance here.


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