Scholarships for studying abroad in Spain

Scholarships for studying abroad in Spain

2022-02-02 17:17:59

Many students wish to study in Spain, but are sometimes scared by the cost of living that might occur. Of course, you can earn extra money by working, doing internships, or tutoring while studying in Spain. But don't forget, there are many scholarship opportunities as well!


Here in this article, we will introduce some of the best scholarship opportunities in Spain.


1. Scholarships given by the government


The Spanish government offers scholarship opportunities to international students with different profiles and qualifications. Some examples are:



2. Scholarships offered by Spanish universities


Many Spanish universities offer scholarships to highly qualified students. These scholarships are usually not fully funded options, but can be used as a discount could waive part of the tuition fees.


These scholarships are issued based on merit. Some might ask if you want to apply to it, some might not. To obtain these scholarships, you should have outstanding scores in your bachelor studies, well-written personal statements, great interview performance, and relevant internship/extracurricular experiences.


Universities also tend to give scholarships based on financial needs. Or they might even hold competitions/challenges to decide who should be granted scholarships.


3. Scholarships offered by other third-party companies, associations:


Many third-party study abroad agencies, companies or foundations sometimes also offer scholarships to qualified students. Some ideas might be:



4. One reminder:

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