Why Visa-Compliant Insurance Isn’t Available Directly on Official Websites of Spanish Insurance Companies?

Why Visa-Compliant Insurance Isn’t Available Directly on Official Websites of Spanish Insurance Companies?

2024-05-27 05:34:11

When it comes to securing insurance for specific visa requirements, it's crucial to find coverage that aligns with the stringent criteria set by embassies or Spanish immigration offices (Extranjería). These criteria typically include:

  • The Insurance company must operate in Spain
  • Full coverage encompassing emergencies, consultations, surgeries (inpatient and outpatient), hospitalizations, and more
  • Coverage without economic limits. Some consulates might specify a minimal economic limit, while others demand a coverage without economic limits.
  • No co-payment or deductible
  • No waiting period
  • Repatriation of remains

Despite embassies or certain Spanish immigration offices not explicitly outlining each requirement, they indeed mandate adherence to these guidelines.

1. What to consider when looking for a visa-compliant health insurance policy?

While most health insurance plans are available on the insurance companies' official websites, usually these sites don’t offer insurance products that fulfill all the visa requirements. Why is that?

Plans that simultaneously fulfill the criteria of having no waiting period, no co-payment, and repatriation services are typically not openly displayed. These specialized products come with a higher medical risk to the insurance company, leading to the need for specific eligibility criteria for offices permitted to sell them. Insurance companies usually grant access to these plans primarily to offices focusing on assisting foreign nationals moving to Spain.

Another reason these specialized plans aren't prominently displayed is that the primary customer base for insurance companies' official websites is Spanish nationals. These particular visa-compliant health insurance products are typically not aligned with the needs of most Spanish national clients. Therefore, they don’t show it in order not to confuse their typical clientele.

Similar ≠ same. If you spot similar products displayed on an insurance company's official website, please note that while some policies might seem similar to a visa-compliant health insurance policy, they can generally include a waiting period. If a policy contains such a waiting period, it does not fully comply with the requirement of a "no waiting period," as explicitly or implicitly stipulated by Spanish consulates. Therefore, it's crucial to carefully confirm if the product you're considering is free from waiting periods and also fulfill all other requirements to avoid potential visa or residency application rejections.

In conclusion, insurance products available directly through an insurance company's official website usually don't align with visa requirements. Products meeting these specific criteria are usually accessible through specialized offices.

It's essential to understand that while these policies might not be readily accessible through conventional channels, they are designed for individuals seeking visas or residency in Spain.

2. Where to find a visa-compliant health insurance policy? 

Innoinsure an alliance of licensed offices of multiple insurance companies in Spain. 

  • All the expat insurance offered here are visa-complaint options. 
  • Contract insurance directly with the insurance company. No intermediary. Our offices and our customers’ policies are regulated and supervised by each insurance company. 
  • We cut out the middleman and broker fee to guarantee you the best prices and latest discounts.
  • Faster contraction and better customer service thanks to our direct access to each insurer’s system.

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