Guide to the common identification and authentication electronic signature

Guide to the common identification and authentication electronic signature

2023-11-16 11:16:07

Cl@ve: Like the digital certificate and electronic ID, cl@ve is another electronic identification and authentication tool, widely implemented by the General Government in Spain. With a valid cl@ve account, you can access easily a lot of official websites of departments such as social security or Immigration. This article is a general guide for you to get to know about cl@ve and its use.


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1. How can I register in the cl@ve system?  

2. How can I use cl@ve?

3. Advice from Innoinsure, the official international office of Adeslas



1. How can I register in the cl@ve system?  


Usually, there are 3 ways that you can apply for a cl@ve account. Depending on your preferences and whether you already have a digital certificate or not, you will be faced with distinctive procedures.


1. If you want to apply online, whether with or without a digital certificate


  • You need to first apply for an invitation letter (carta de invitación) with a series of secure verification codes (CSV) :
    • Go to the tax agency official website and insert your NIE number and the support number (a series of 8 numbers beginning with E on your NIE card), and then click on continue
    • Then click on ¨"Send me a letter of invitation to my domicile…¨. Note: The letter will be sent to the address you registered for your address of empadronamiento. Make sure to check if your information is updated.


  • When the letter arrives, you will see the CSV needed to continue with the processes.


  • With the CSV code, you can go back to the tax agency website. After inputting your NIE and support number as before, you will see the following page to ask if you already have an invitation letter. Choose the first option, "Ya dispongo de una carta de invitación".


  • With the CSV code, you can fill in your personal data to complete the procedure. When you finish, you will get a notice like this, meaning that you have already completed the process. If you want, click on Visualizar Pdf to save a PDF copy on your devices. The código de activación is the most important number you can use to use the cl@ve service.


2. You can also apply for the cl@ve account in person


If you want to apply for a cl@ve account in person, you need to present the application yourself physically.


There are a lot of different departments where the application of cl@ve can be completed. But, it's better if you can consult the specific office if cita previa is required or not. You can easily see here the nearest office.


Electronic signature on your phone


2. How can I use cl@ve?


You may use identification mechanisms provided for in Cl@ve in all electronic administration services integrated into the system.


Once you have registered, two access keys will be provided:



When you enter any administrative service platform, if they give you the option to use cl@ve, you can enter your credentials.



3. Advice from Innoinsure, the official international office of Adeslas


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Our content will be updated according to the most recent legislation. 

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