Apps you should install when starting your new life in Spain

Apps you should install when starting your new life in Spain

2022-01-24 17:59:39

Settling down in a new country could be hard and tiring. But it could also be fun! In this ads-free article, we will introduce some of the most useful apps you might need to get around your home in Spain.

1. About transportation: 

  • Maps: The apps that work the best in Spain in the maps category are Google Maps and Citymapper. Especially google maps, because people love to comment on every place they have been to. And it works just as well as in other countries.
  • Travel:
    • Omio, Eurail planner, Triposo…They all work well.
    • As for where to stay during your trips, except for and Airbnb, trivago is also a cool price comparison app you can install.
    • TripAdvisor also works well here.
  • Taxi: Uber also works in Spain. But in some cities such as Barcelona, apps like Cabify, free now work better.

2. About food/grocery:

  • Food delivery apps: Glovo, Just Eat, Ubereats, Deliveroo…There are a lot of food-delivery apps to choose from, whether you want a pizza, some tapas, or sushi.
  • Grocery delivery apps:
    • Cabify, as a taxi app, also starts its grocery delivery service.
    • Glovo can also make you order groceries.
    • Gorilla is an app that can deliver groceries from local convenience stores to your home as quickly as possible (Once my groceries came to me 6 mins after I made the order).
  • Restaurant reviews/reservation apps:
    • Google Maps is usually good enough.
    • El tenedor (the Spanish version of “the fork”) is a great app to make reservations and get discounts in great restaurants.
    • TripAdvisor is a good place to leave your meaningful comments, as always.
  • Fighting against food waste: Like in other European countries, too good to go is a popular app to save food at a low cost in a restaurant, bakery, and supermarket. You can even “save” plants.

3. About housing:

If you want to rent a house/room or even purchase one: There is a lot to choose from, such as  Idealista, habitaclia, fotocasa, Badi…

4. About shopping:

  • The famous fast-fashion company Inditex is Spanish. So you can easily order clothes or accessories from the website of ZARA, Mango, Oysho...
  • There are other great fashion/clothing purchase apps available: Zalando, SHEIN

5. About what-to-do:

  • Spain is a super lively country filled with new to-dos every day! There are some very interesting apps such as Fever, Culture Trips, Groupon… I am sure that there is at least one activity that deeply interests you!
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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 24/01/2022

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