Guide to public transportation in Spain

Guide to public transportation in Spain

2021-10-22 21:10:07

The public transportation system in Spain is well structured and well-developed. However, there are many types of different transportation system to choose from. This article is designed to resolve all the doubts.

1. Introduction

Traditional means of transportation such as airplanes, trains, buses, trams, and metros are widely implemented in Spain.

  • In metropolitan cities like Barcelona and Madrid, all the transportation means mentioned above can be found. To make the transportation system better to be understood, some cities launch one-for-all municipal travel ticket that combines buses, trains and trams together.
  • However, in a small village, probably only buses are available, sometimes even without buses.

2. Airline

If you want to travel to long-distance destinations or islands, airline is the best option to save time. In Spain, there are a lot of international as well as domestic airlines to choose from. Famous domestic airlines include IBERIA airlines and Vueling

3. Trains

The train is another important public transport which falicitates your journey in Spain. Spain is home to one of the world’s largest high-speed rail networks, second only to China.

4. Metro&Tranvía:

There are several cities in Spain with metro lines:

Except for metro lines, there exists tram/tranvía in many cities, a metro type with possibilities to watch the beautiful streets. Some famous trams examples include:

5. Bus

Spain does not have a national bus company, but rather each municipality has their own buses routes. Several examples are:

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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 22/10/2021

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