Riding a motorcycle in Spain: what regulations or laws should I remember by heart?

Riding a motorcycle in Spain: what regulations or laws should I remember by heart?

2021-11-28 18:54:52

After knowing the difference among motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters, and different classes of licenses, I guess you already know what exams to expect and what motorcycles you will be riding. Before beginning your journey on the road, you should also get familiar with the regulations and laws to prevent yourself from any danger or punishment.

1. Required documentation that should be taken with you while driving a motorcycle

You need to take the following documents with you when you are riding on a motorcycle, in case of any sudden inspections.

  • Valid driving license, for the obtaining of which you need to pass several exams
  • ITV/MOT Certificate(Inspección técnica de vehículos): This is similar to a car ITV inspection.
    • Motorcycles are exempted from inspection for the first 4 years, but motorcycle owners need to take their vehicles for inspection every 2 years
    • Mopeds are exempt for the first 3 years and then must be tested every 2 years.
  • Insurance:
    • If you want to ride a motorcycle in Spain, there is a minimum insurance cover required for the vehicle.
    • Besides this, it’s also recommended that you be covered with medical or accident insurance. Our medical insurance is also a great option for visa applications because it satisfies all the requirements of a visa/NIE/TIE application.
  • Circulation permit (permiso de Circulación)
  • European Accident Agreement Form

2. Required safety equipment for riding a motorcycle

  • A crash helmet: the riders of motorcycles should wear an ECE 22.05 approved safety helmet. If you fail to do this and are caught by the police, you will get a fine of €200 as well as a deduction of points.
  • A high visibility jacket for emergencies
  • Motorcycle speed limit: After the May 2021, the new general rules of speed limit on urban roads are:
    • 20km/h on roads that have a single carriageway and path/sidewalk.
    • 30km/h on single-lane roads per the direction of travel.
    • 50km/h on roads with two or more lanes per traffic direction.
  • And before the new restrictions, the speed limits for motorcycles are as follows:

3. Some other relevant regulations

  • Intercoms and headsets: It is illegal to wear headphones as it can cause risky safety problems
  • Parking requirements: You need to park your motorcycle following the instructions strictly, otherwise you might receive a fine and probably a deduction of points.
    • Specific motorcycle parking space
    • On the road: you need to park in a diagonal position between the cars. The maximum space occupied for each motorcycle is restricted to 2 meters, while you cannot block the parking of other vehicles.
    • On pavement or sidewalks: depend on the city and regions

If you have more doubts, you can consult here.

Riding a motorcycle might be dangerous. Here in Adeslas, we want to offer you medical insurance and accident insurance in case something unexpected happens.

Are you ready to go on a ride? Let’s go!

Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 28/11/2021

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