Cultural and leisure perks for people residing in Spain

Cultural and leisure perks for people residing in Spain

2023-11-16 12:00:19

Spain is a country rich in cultural and leisure activities. As expats, you might be curious about everything happening in the city but hesitate because of the higher price in the center of larger cities. Here in this article, we will explain some cultural and leisure perks for people residing in Spain, aiming to encourage you to explore boldly in this amazing country or even other EU countries. No matter who you are, you will be amazed at the discounts available after reading this article.


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1. Perks for student residence permit holders

2. Perks for young people

3. Perks for all residents of the city:



1. Perks for student residence permit holders


Merchant logo Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya


If you hold a long-term student visa, one of the most important documents you need to have when you arrive in Spain is the student residence permit. (One of the required documents to apply for this residence is qualified medical insurance, such as our expat insurance)


  • With this document you can enjoy free or discounted entry to a lot of services or places for your student identity:
    • Museums, churches, theaters, and other cultural places:
      • Some Spanish museums, churches, and theaters offer free entry to students with a student residence permit.
      • With the Spanish student residence card, you can get discounted prices or free entry to cultural places when you travel to other EU countries.
    • Brands:
      • With the student residence or school email/student card, you can get discounted prices or gifts from brands such as Apple and Spotify. You can get more discounts from student discount websites such as UNiDAYS.


  • If you want to have more student-exclusive benefits, you can also check student cards recognized worldwide, such as ISIC card (International student identity card). It includes a whole range of discounts in categories such as accommodation, culture, entertainment, and food among other benefits.

ISIC: International student identity card



2. Perks for young people


Besides student-only benefits, non-student young people are also encouraged to join the cultural feast! There are also a lot of hidden benefits for young people. Attention: if you are a student and fulfill the young people's age requirements, you are also entitled to the benefits mentioned below. Again, you need to have a valid NIE/TIE card. (Although it’s not a student residence card, our expat insurance also fulfills the requirements of other residence permits)


  • Again, museums, opera houses, and other cultural places:
    • To educate young people about cultures, these places usually charge young people discounted fees. The age limit might vary among places. For example, Liceu and Palau de la Música consider young people as people younger than 35 years old, while Water World only gives youth discounts to people under 20 years old.


  • Young people with legal residence permits can also get promotion cards such as European Youth Card or IYTC (International youth travel card). In Spain, you can get European Youth Card in local youth card offices or at LaCaixa bank office. It’s called “Carnet Joven” in Spanish.


  • Youth bank account: Some banks offer youth bank accounts for young people, such as the imaginBank account of CaixaBank. You can also get the European Youth Card(Carnet Joven) in the imaginbank app. It’s designed for young people, with no extra fees but with promotions and discounts offered by fancy brands. Since imaginBank is part of the CaixaBank family, having a card of imaginBank means that you can visit all the cultural infrastructures of Caixa and attend activities for free or at a discounted price.


3. Perks for all residents of the city:


Even though you are neither a student nor a young person, you might still have free access to cultural infrastructures.


  • The address on the NIE/TIE card shows the municipality you belong to. Therefore, with this document, you can enjoy local cultural offerings:
    • Being a resident of a Spanish city can sometimes give you free entry to some niche or even popular places. For example, Sagrada Família offered free entry opportunities to all the residents in Barcelona in the last quarter of 2020.


  • No matter your age nor your student identity, being a client of Innoinsure will guarantee you a lot of leisure or healthcare benefits. As the official international office of Adeslas, we are proud to present you with different discounts offered by our partners.


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