Spain: The new digital nomad visa is on the way

Spain: The new digital nomad visa is on the way

2023-06-01 10:14:24

The COVID-19 pandemic and the quick advancement of remote working technologies have profoundly changed the way people work. Many international talents are no longer restricted to the city/country their office is situated in. They begin to work from any corner of the world.


1. What are the available choices for digital nomads?


Spain is becoming one of the most attractive countries digital nomads choose. Initially, you have many options:



Currently, the most popular option is to get a self-employed visa (also known as autónomo visa) or a non-lucrative visa.


But the Spanish government is launching a new digital nomad visa which allows people who work for clients/companies outside of Spain. This visa will allow the holder to enter initially for 6 -12 months, and then the visa can be extended.



2. What will the main benefits be?


Remember that this visa type is still under discussion. But it’s believed that holders of this visa type:


  • Can bring close family members with them to live in Spain
  • Pay fewer taxes:  Instead of paying the usual rate of 25%, the digital nomad visa holders can only pay the discounted rate of 15% for up to four years because they are eligible for a reduced rate of non-resident.


Another concern might be around double taxation. Spain has treatise with many countries to avoid any dispute around double taxation. Check in detail if Spain has agreements with the country where you are taxed.



3. Advice from Adeslas


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Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 04/02/2022 

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