Steps to request a driving license exam in Spain

Steps to request a driving license exam in Spain

2023-07-12 01:35:59

Cars have long been an indispensable part of our lives and learning to drive is also an indispensable skill in the modern world. Therefore: is it possible to use a domestic driver's license without taking the exams? How can I apply for a driving exam in Spain? This article will talk in-depth about the process of obtaining a driver’s license.


1. Make sure you are qualified to take the driving test

2. Have a comprehensive understanding of the process

3. Documents needed to sign up for the exams:

4. How can I sign up for the exam?

5. Advice from Adeslas



1. Make sure you are qualified to take the driving test


You need to fulfill the following requirements:


  • Reside in Spain. If you are a foreign student outside the European Union, you must demonstrate that you are in the circumstance for a minimum continuous period of six months
    • If you belong to a member state of the European Union, the Economic Area, or there is a bilateral agreement between Spain and your country, and you have a driving license, you do not need to obtain a new one, you can exchange the one you already have
  • Not be deprived by judicial resolution of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds, nor be subject to suspension or administrative intervention
  • Have adequate psychophysical skills required for the kind of license you are applying for. However, you can also get a special license or permit if you have a disability
  • Be of the age required for each permit or license. It is possible to obtain type C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, D, and D + E driving licenses, at a lower age than that established generically if the interested party has:
    • Driver qualification card
    • Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP) or, failing that, the title of the training course or a certificate from the training center indicating the initial qualification modality: ordinary or accelerated


Driving test cone


2. Have a comprehensive understanding of the process


Before signing up for exams for any type of driving license, you should have comprehensive information about the following:


  • The difference and types of driving licenses: permisos de conducir (driving licenses)
  • If you need to practice your driving skills, you can sign up for a driving school. Note that this is not necessary.
  • During the preparation process to obtain your driving license, you can also have at your disposal several helpful procedures.
  • If you pass your exam, you will be given a provisional, with which you can drive before you get your official one. It’s important to always keep your address updated and in case of any change, you can follow the steps here.



3. Documents needed to sign up for the exams:


To take the driving test, you need to present the following documents:


  • Official application form for aptitude tests needed to request to take the exam. By signing this form, the applicant also declares that he or she is not deprived by court order of the right to drive, is not subject to suspension or administrative intervention, or is the holder of a permit of the same class issued in another State.
  • Psychophysical aptitude report, issued by an authorized Driver Recognition Center. Remember that this certificate has a validity period of 90 days.
  • Proof of payment with the data of the corresponding rate previously acquired or a credit card if you are going to make the payment in the offices.


At the time of presenting yourself to the practical test, you must provide:


  • Stub-photo with current original photo of 32 x26 mm. in color and with a plain background, taken from the front with the head uncovered and without dark glasses or any other garment that may prevent or hinder your identification. The school in which you enroll to take the practical exam will give you a paper with information to fill in (talon-foto), which you must sign and attach the photo. It will only be necessary if it is the first time you apply for a specific driving license.


Note: If your hair is covered because of your religion, photographs with a veil will be accepted, but the oval of the face must appear completely uncovered from the hairline to the chin so that it does not impede or hinder your identification.



4. How can I sign up for the exam?


Driving test


After knowing the required documents, the next step is to understand what means you have to request the test:


  • If you present through a driving school, the school will be in charge of submitting your application to take the aptitude tests, and in case you pass the exam, they will also help collect your license.


  • In the case of doing it yourself, you have 2 ways to make your request:
    • In-person, delivering all the documentation to any Traffic Headquarters or Offices. In this case, you must go there with original and valid documentation to prove your identity:
      • DNI or Passport.
      • If you are a community foreigner: Residence authorization or identity document from your country, or Passport together with the Certificate of registration in the Central Registry of Foreigners.
      • If you are a non-EU foreigner: valid residence authorization.


When submitting your application for registration, you must consider:


  • The request process is not automatic. When they process your request, they will email you confirming that it has already been made correctly.
  • When carrying out the procedure, the date on which the application was submitted will be considered. Do not forget to keep the proof of presentation.
  • Before attaching your digital documents, check that they are legible and that they are digitized with good quality. There exists the possibility of being rejected if DGT cannot read the documentation you send.



5. Advice from Adeslas


After presenting the request, it’s crucial to study and practice well for the real exams. Adeslas wishes you good luck in your exams! When passing the exam, most of the clients will think about buying a new car in Spain. Caution: In Spain, it’s necessary to contract car insurance when you purchase a car. You can contact us in English to learn the best car insurance offers Adeslas gives by phone call (+34 911746191), WhatsApp (+34 640048309), or visit the Adeslas website.


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