Top hiking places near Barcelona

Top hiking places near Barcelona

2024-02-21 06:12:00

Except for beaches, what else can you think about when talking about Barcelona? You can also find great hiking trails in this beautiful coastal city. By collecting the hiking experience of hiking fanatics, we came up with some famous hiking spots in and around Barcelona.


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1. Some great hiking places in Barcelona City:

2. Some great hiking places near Barcelona city:


Woman hiking in Barcelona, Spain


1. Some great hiking places in Barcelona City:


  • Tibidabo Mountain: It is the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola mountain range, reaching over 510 meters. There are several famous routes that start from the Barcelona city center. When you reach the mountain top, you will see an old amusement park and the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor. Trust me, the breathtaking view of Barcelona from the top is well worth the hike.


  • Montjuic Mountain: Starting from Plaza españa and to the top. The whole route is filled with surprises, such as the fountains, the museums, and the natural gardens along the way. There's a cool cable car that connects the Montjuic with the beach of Barceloneta.


  • Búnkers de Carmel/MUHBA Turó de la Rovira: a famous place to see the panorama of the city. Not really a hiking place because a bus can drop you off at a stop near the top of the mountain. But still, it's worth visiting for a friend gathering, a picnic, or a short getaway.


2. Some great hiking places near Barcelona city:


  • Collserola: My favorite place to hike! Take a FGC from Barcelona and get off at "baixador de Vallvidrera". Go to the information center to ask for a map of different routes. I chose one route starting from the information center and ending in "Peu de Funicular" and it was so much fun. Then take the "funicular" train down from the mountains, you will see so many crazy views of the city.
  • Montserrat: A famous place! Since it’s far from Barcelona, you need to prepare for a day trip. The mountain is home to more than 1000 species of plants and animals. And…the famous holy grail was said to be found once in a monastery there.


  • Costa Brava: If you want to hike while enjoying the great views of the beach, the trails around costa brava would be the best choice! Camins de Ronda is a popular coastal foot trail, leading hikers through fishing villages, white sand beaches, and isolated coves.


One thing to mention is that: Hiking in BCN could be dangerous. When I was in Collserola I saw several wild boars within close proximity…Be careful, call 092 if you encounter any emergent situations, and make sure you are covered by reliable medical insurance, also known as a great expat insurance/visa insurance/NIE insurance option.


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