Moving to Madrid: The most interesting neighborhoods to think about

Moving to Madrid: The most interesting neighborhoods to think about

2022-01-27 17:37:34

Are you thinking about moving to Madrid? The Spanish capital city is famous for its international and inclusive cultural atmosphere, job possibilities and so much fun. But there could also be some hidden dangers living in some of the neighborhoods.

In this article, we will talk about the major neighborhoods in Madrid, aiming to help you make a better decision about where you should move to.

1. Retiro

Home to the famous Retiro park in Madrid, Retiro is a quiet, green, and communicative neighborhood with the city’s largest green spaces. In our opinion, this is the most ideal neighborhood to live in. Because it’s

  • Healthy: Quieter, less polluted, greener than many other central neighborhoods. There are parks, lakes, gardens as well as many activities available in the area.
  • Affordable: It’s close to the city center but with slightly more affordable housing prices than other more central districts.
  • Location-wise: Many young working professionals choose to settle down in this area for its closeness to their workplaces.
  • Safety: This district is also well-known for its comparatively higher safety.

2. Chamberí

Chamberí is also considered as one of the best neighborhoods to live in Madrid, for its:

  • Safety: believed to be one of the safest neighborhoods in Madrid. You just need to keep general safety measures in mind.
  • Affordability: The district is quite traditional, with a mix of midscale and upscale housing options to choose from.

3. Sol

Sol is the center of Madrid with lots of to-dos. Living in the center may make your life full of liveliness and fancy activities. You can easily go shopping, find a good restaurant within walking distance and visit the symbolic places of the city whenever you like!

However, as a typical tourist spot, you might need to take better care of your belongings as pickpockets are everywhere!

4. Chueca

Chueca is without doubt one of the coolest places in Madrid. It's a perfect place for the LGBT community or simply anyone that enjoys nightlife. Living there of course you will have a great quality of life with easy access to bars, restaurants, and pubs. It's as lively as Sol but not so pricey.

The overall atmosphere of Chueca is loving and inclusive. It is famous for holding gay pride festivals in Madrid.

But there are also some underlying risks such as robbery and pickpocketing due to its adjacency to the center.

5. Malasaña and La Latina

These two districts are young and fun with a Bohemian style. They are pretty affordable compared with other central districts with lots of vintages and cool stuff. If you choose to live in this district, you might need to be more cautious, especially at night.

6. Pozuelo de Alarcón

One of the most luxurious districts in Madrid, with lots of chalets and mansions. If you want to live a life of real luxury, you should check the properties on sale in this district. Although it's further from the center of Madrid, you can easily access the city center by car.

Madrid is a big city, and might have problems such as pickpockets, squatters, and home robbery. You must always keep an eye on your belongings. Sometimes, there might even be violent robbery on the streets. In Adeslas, we want to protect you entirely by offering medical insurance and home insurance to make your stay in Barcelona protected and risk minimized.

Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 31/01/2022

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