Requirements for the application of family reunion residence authorization and visa

Requirements for the application of family reunion residence authorization and visa

2023-11-16 12:41:29

As a non-EU citizen with a residence permit in Spain, you have the right to bring your family with you. However, the visa application for family reunification is a complex process that requires your efforts as well as the efforts of your relatives back in your countries of origin. In this article, we will explain the requirements for you to bring your relatives to Spain and how to carry out the first step: get to know the requirements you need to fill to bring your family to Spain.


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1. What are the requirements for me?

2. Additional requirements for the union:



1. What are the requirements for me?


  • You are a non-EU/EEA citizen
  • Not being found irregularly in Spanish territory: You should have a valid residence permit in hand.
  • You don’t have any criminal records, neither in Spain nor in the countries you have residence before
  • You are not prohibited from entering Spain
  • You have private or public health insurance (We offer the No.1 expat insurance that fulfills all visa and residence permit requirements)
  • You are not suffering from any of the diseases that can have serious public health repercussions in accordance with the provisions of the International Health Regulations of 2005
  • You are not in a period of commitment not to return to Spain: You are not doing any program that forces you to return to your country of origin when the period ends.
  • You have sufficient financial means to meet the needs of the family
    • For family units that include two members including yourself: a monthly amount of 150% of the IPREM is required.
    • For each additional member: 50% of the IPREM must be added.
  • You have sufficient housing for the need of all family members


2. Additional requirements for the union:


Bring your family with you to Spain


First, you need to understand that it’s only possible to regroup your partner/spouse, your dependent children, and your parents. It’s not possible to regroup with your brothers, sisters, or any family member from the extended family.


Still, there are additional requirements for different cases:


  • Regroup with your spouse or partner:
    • You must have resided in Spain for at least 1 year and have obtained authorization to reside for at least another year
    • Only one partner is accepted.
    • The person will be considered as your spouse or partner if:
      • The marriage relationship has been registered in a public registry and the registration has not been canceled.
      • You can prove by law the unregistered relationship. And the relationship was established prior to your residence in Spain


  • Regroup with your dependent children:
    • You must have resided in Spain for at least 1 year and have obtained authorization to reside for at least another year
    • Children under 18 years or with demonstrable disability
    • Adopted children are also accepted if the adoption is considered valid in Spain
    • If he or she is the child of one of the spouses or members of the couple, it's important to have sole parental authority or he must have been granted your custody.


  • Regroup with your parents:
    • Different from the other two cases, you must be the holder of a long-term or long-term EU authorization if you want to regroup your parents.
    • Your parents or the parents of your spouse/ partner can regroup with you in Spain if you can demonstrate that:
      • They are in your charge
        • It is considered that they are in your charge when it is proven that during the last year, you have transferred funds or borne expenses of the parent of at least 51% of the gross domestic product per capita, in annual computation, of the country of residence of the latter.
      • And they are over 65 years of age
      • And there are reasons that justify the need to authorize residence in Spain.
    • Exceptionally, when there are humanitarian reasons, the parent under the age of 65 may regroup:
      • The parent lives with the applicant in the country of origin
      • Or when he/she is incapable and is protected by you or your spouse/partner
      • Or when he/she is not able to provide for his / her own needs.
      • Or if the applications of the parents are presented jointly and one of them is over sixty-five years of age.



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