The best and worst neighborhoods in Barcelona to live in

The best and worst neighborhoods in Barcelona to live in

2024-02-21 05:13:29

Are you thinking about moving to Barcelona? This beautiful city is famous for its culture, architecture, beaches, and more. Being in a big city does not always sound ideal to everyone because of the large population and the danger that can bring. Like New York, London, or Paris, there are some dangerous districts in Barcelona that you might want to avoid.

In this article, we will explain the best and worst districts in Barcelona to live in.


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1. The best districts in Barcelona:

2. The worst districts in Barcelona:


The beautiful city of Barcelona


1. The best districts in Barcelona:


  • Gràcia:


You might know Passeig de Gràcia, a boulevard filled with luxury shops, masterpieces of Gaudí, and office buildings. It is a long Street connecting Plaza de Cataluña and the district Gràcia.


Although it's closely connected to the city center, it has narrow streets filled with indie boutiques, cinemas, and art galleries, which guarantees a tranquil but lively life. Another perk for expats is that in this region, there are many international working professionals dedicated to their businesses. You can easily find an English-speaking meeting point.


If you choose to live in Gràcia, you will have easy access to all the to-dos in the city center while living in a peaceful and artistic area.


  • Example:


An example is a huge district, starting from Plaza España and expanding to the symbolic Agbar Tower in Glòries. An example houses a lot of great dining destinations, offices, and major monuments like La Sagrada Família. The huge geographic extension also makes it easier to find ideal housing.


It's a nice choice for people that love to hang out with friends and need to commute to work situated in the city center.


Although it's important to mention that there are robberies often occur near the main tourist spots.


  • Sarrià-Sant Gervasi


A district that represents authentic luxury. It’s quiet and has some great views, especially of the mountains surrounding the city. The housing options are well constructed and decorated, although more expensive than the other regions mentioned above. The only downside is that it could be hard to access if you don’t own a car.


  • Les Corts


This is another great area famous for its tranquility and parks. It’s near to campuses of universities like UB and ESADE. It is also close to camp now, the home ground of the Barcelona football team. You can encounter a lot of bars, restaurants and sports spots there.


2. The worst districts in Barcelona:


This list is not meant to belittle certain districts but to remind the expats of the potential threats of the districts and help them make wiser housing choices.


  • El Raval
  • La Barceloneta
  • La Marina de Port


And the list goes on… These districts are notorious for high crime rates (home robbery, drug-related business, prostitution, squatters, and even murders). You might want to avoid these districts when renting, buying, or investing in a house in Barcelona.


As a tourist city, pickpockets could happen even outside these districts. You must always keep an eye on your belongings. Sometimes, you might even encounter violent robbery. At innoinsure, we want to protect you entirely by offering medical insurance and home insurance to keep you protected during your stay in Barcelona.


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