Guide to home insurance in Spain

Guide to home insurance in Spain

2021-09-24 14:48:35

If you buy a property in Spain, you are not obliged to buy home insurance except for the case that you make the purchase with a mortgage. However, it´s recommended that you contract home insurance because it is the best way to ensure your home from damages and protect your financial security. Some home insurances also cover theft and burglary in and out of the home, a very important coverage for people who live in big Spanish cities.

In this article, we will take the example of home insurance from Adeslas and see what items home insurance usually covers and what are the benefits offered by Adeslas and its official international office Innoinsure.

1. What items does Adeslas home insurance cover?

The complete list and details are specified here.

  • Damages caused by natural disasters:
    • Fire, explosion, lightning, auto explosion and secondary effects
    • Severe weather conditions: Rain, wind, hail or snow and other atmospheric phenomena
    • Flooding
  • Damages:
    • Water damage: damages caused by water leaking, forgetting to turn off taps, breakage of pipes owing to frost, and repairs of water pipes
    • Smoke damage
    • Electrical damage: pipelines and electrical installations, electrical appliances, and the accessories
    • Sound wave damage: Sound (sound waves) caused by aircraft or spacecraft
    • Cosmetic damage to the building
    • Breakage: coverage for the expenses for replacement of glass panes, glass window, mirrors or Perspex, sanitary ware, marble or granite, glass on the vitroceramic hob in worktops owing to breakage
  • Robbery and theft
  • Other coverage:
    • Acts of vandalism or riots
    • Extinguishing, salvage, and removal expenses
    • Document reconstruction
    • Home assistance: urgent locksmith, emergency power supply, replacement of television and DVD player, hotel restaurant, laundry, ambulances, and security personnel expenses due to unexpected incidents
    • Civil liability: damages to third parties caused in the common areas, civil liability derived from the possession of potentially dangerous animals
    • Inhabitability or loss of rent: the rent cost if due to an incident covered by the policy, the home insured is temporarily rendered inhabitable

2. What are the distinctive advantages of the home insurance from Adeslas?

  • Complete coverage: The coverage presented above is quite complete and can satisfy your urgent needs.
  • Best-rated insurance for water damage: We are the only insurance that covers exposed pipes and unblocking. The satisfaction rate is about 90%, thanks to the all the calims reported.
  • 24/7 protection: In the event of a fault or emergency, call us at 902 10 99 10 and we guarantee we will tend to your repairs in less than 24 hours: even on Saturdays and Sundays in urgent cases.
  • Experienced insurer of home insurance: In 2019, we managed 501k+ home incident claims (196k+ water damage claims, 80k+glass breaking claims, and 56k+ electrical damage claims).

3. What are the additional benefits of the service of Innoinsure, the official international office of Adeslas?

  • English-speaking support: We are the official international office of Adeslas, able to handle all the inquires and claims in English or Spanish.
  • Handling the paperwork for you: You won't have to handle anything. In the event of an accident, we will manage all the paperwork, repairs and payments to professionals.
  • Easiest claim management: With our online claim system, you claim an issue easily in 30 seconds.

Apart from home insurance, we are also specialized in expat insurancedental insurance, accident insurancepet insurance, and business insurance.

Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 24/09/2021

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