Guide to private medical insurance in Spain

Guide to private medical insurance in Spain

2023-11-16 12:35:19

If you are not registered in the Spanish social security system, you cannot enjoy the public healthcare service. Although many people are entitled to social security services, they contract private medical insurance due to the exclusive benefits offered by private insurance. Private medical insurance has been voted as one of the best benefits welcomed by employees, and many conscious companies have already offered private medical insurance to their employees.

The general benefits of private insurance are talked about in-depth here. In this article, we will talk about the detailed benefits of the medical insurance offered by Innoinsure (International Office of Adeslas).


Purchase Health Insurance that meets the requirements for all Spanish Visas and the NIE/TIE (residence permit) application/renewal through this link here: Health Insurance
No coverage limit. No co-payments. No deductibles. No waiting period.


1. We will get you covered by the following services:

2. The main characteristics of the medical insurance of Innoinsure (International Office of Adeslas):



1. We will get you covered by the following services:


Physical therapy and wrist protection


  • Primary medical care: family doctors, pediatrics and childcare, and nursing services
  • Fast and unlimited access to our wide range of medical specialties: You can check the specialties we covered and the medical network here.
  • Psychology support: We cover 20 sessions per year or 40 sessions in the case of eating disorders.
  • Basic dental care: dental care, extractions, and dental cleaning
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy: We cover the rehabilitation and physical therapy of the locomotive apparatus, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Human Organ, Tissue, and Cell Transplants: We cover all the required medical and surgical procedures for an autologous bone marrow transplant or a cornea transplant.
  • Second medical opinion: For rare diseases, you can request a second opinion from the best doctors in and out of Spain.
  • Travel Assistance: With our medical insurance, you don’t need any other travel insurance. All the items covered are specified here.
  • 24-hour emergency services: We offer 24-hour emergency services such as free ambulances at emergency centers.
  • Diagnostic tests: We covered all the clinical analysis, anatomical pathology and cytopathology, general radiology, and other basic or high-tech tests.
  • High-quality birth preparation and support: We offer the best-quality birth process support, with well-equipped preparation and hospitalization.
  • Preventive treatments: child development, annual gynecological check-ups, coronary risk prevention over the age of 40, an annual urological check-up for prostate cancer prevention, and family planning.
  • Well-designed surgical Implants and prostheses: We cover a series of surgical Implants and prosthesis services.
  • Repatriation: If anything expected happens, we will cover the transportation of the bodily remains back to your loved ones. (one requirement of Spanish visa application)


2. The main characteristics of the medical insurance of Innoinsure (International Office of Adeslas):


As the official website of the international office of Adeslas, Innoinsure secures you all the benefits of Adeslas together with English-speaking services.


  • Our expat insurance, also called visa insurance, fulfills all the requirements of visa and NIE/TIE application
  • We operate online with quick and automatic purchasing processes.
  • We offer timely customer support with several languages available. Especially, we have an English-speaking team that also understands perfectly Spanish, aiming to assist you with any doubts and concerns regarding the insurance
  • Adeslas is the No.1 insurance in Spain. Becoming our client, you will enjoy the largest healthcare network nationwide with over 43000 doctors and 1200 medical centers.
  • Our service is trusted and loved by customers with 27 million+ consultations realized in 2019.
  • We offer 24-hour emergency room support and phone consultation support.


Apart from medical insurance (also known as expat insurance, visa insurance, or NIE/TIE insurance), we are also specialized in dental insurancepet insurance, accident insurancehome insurance, and business insurance.


Adeslas health insurance


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