Guide to pet insurance in Spain

Guide to pet insurance in Spain

2021-09-23 10:04:56

Owning a pet in Spain could give you company and a lot of fun, making the expat life more colorful. But it also brings you responsibility. As a pet owner, your responsibility is to take care of your tiny little friends. You need to take care of their grooming and feed them. You also need to care about their health: having regular check-ups, vaccinations, treatments, or even necessary surgeries. And of course, all these services come with a cost.

In Spain, the average price of a consultation could be between €30-€35. If the pet needs special treatment, vaccinations, or surgery, later procedures can cost about €200 or even more. And if your animal friend causes any damage to a third party, such as public infrastructure or the building you are living in, you are also obliged to pay a certain fee for necessary repairs. All these are risks you might encounter that might cost you a lot of money.

Pet insurance is a service designed to free you from these worries.

1. How does Spanish pet insurance work?

Spanish insurance usually covers vet consultations, treatments, and civil rights. Besides breed and age, the rate is linked with many other factors. Usually, you need to fill in long questionnaires and give your personal information to even ask for a quote, which bothers many people because they just want to know about the price and compare with peace of mind.  

2. What are the distinctive advantages of the insurance offered by Adeslas?

  • Two plans, two types of protection: You can choose a basic plan or a complete plan according to your needs. The basic plan works as accident insurance for pets and the second one works as accident insurance plus medical insurance.
  • Transparent information: All services covered are specified in the beginning with the capital insured without surprise.

  • All breeds accepted: We ensure dogs and cats. Potentially dangerous dog breeds can also be insured, and the insurance is valid for obtaining a potentially dangerous dog license.
  • 24h emergency service: With the complete plan, you can enjoy a 24-hour emergency and phone support.
  • Complete coverage:
    • You will have access to 300+ veterinary centers all over Spain. Check the veterinary clinic list here.
    • The complete plan has a wide coverage of 100+ veterinary procedures. See the full coverage here.

3. As the international office of Adeslas, what other benefits can Innoinsure offer?

  • English-speaking team: As the official international office of Adeslas, we have a full English-speaking team that can assist you through your journey with us. Our website is also specially designed in English.
  • Automatic process: We have implemented a unique online purchasing process to save your time and efforts in understanding the terms.
  • Quick approval: Claim management is quite easy. There´s no need for a medical examination nor previous health questionnaire to get your insurance.
  • Your card; Your currency: You don´t even need a Spanish bank account to pay for the insurance. You can complete the process with a credit card. And we support 130+ currency
  • Only animal type and age are relevant: You will find the purchasing process amazingly easy! The rate is only related to animal type (dog or cat) and age.
  • No waiting period: Get your pet insured and enjoy the protection the following day for all items. (Except death due to illness, which has a waiting period of 6 months.)
  • Transparent rates: Tired of putting down your phone number and email address before knowing the exact rates? You don’t need to redo it with us. You can find easily the rates with minimal basic information and one click.
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Apart from pet insurance, we are also specialized in expat insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance, home insurance, and business insurance.

Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 23/09/2021

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