Guide to Spanish private dental insurance

Guide to Spanish private dental insurance

2023-07-20 04:31:04

Public healthcare can grant a lot of free healthcare benefits to you if you are a working expat and have registered in the Spanish social security system, as we know from the Spanish healthcare system. Unfortunately, dental care service is not generally covered by the social security system.


1. Who can enjoy state dental care?

2. What benefits do private dental insurances have?

3. What are the benefits of our dental insurance compared with other dental insurance?



1. Who can enjoy state dental care?


There are 2 cases when going to the dentist is free:


  • If you are a child under 15 years old: The free service might include basic treatments such as yearly check-ups and protective treatments. Not all dentists offer free service to children under 15, requiring you to confirm with the dentists as well as the requirements of the autonomous region you reside. 
  • If you are in an emergency: Emergency dental care is also covered if you are covered by social security or have an EHIC card. If you need emergency treatment, visit this website to find a public medical care center near you.


If you want to have regular dental care, it’s better to have private dental insurance.


Children under 15 years old can enjoy free dental care



2. What benefits do private dental insurances have?


Take the dental insurance of Innoinsure (the international department of Adeslas) as an example. With only €10.5/month, you will have the following benefits:


The following treatments are free:


  • Diagnostic consultations, revisions, and 24-hour urgent consultations.
  • Tooth cleaning, simple tooth extraction, oral education, fluoridation.
  • Occlusal sealants, orthopantomography (dental panoramic), lateral or frontal teleradiography of the skull, dental X-rays, pulp protection, and periodontology.
  • The orthodontic study, replacement of brackets, implantology reviews,
  • implantology study, annual implant maintenance (cleaning, prosthesis, and placement of plugs).


The following treatments will save you up to 50%:


  • Fillings: tooth filling, coronary reconstruction.
  • Root canal treatment.
  • Dental implants.
  • Orthodontics: metal, self-ligating, ceramic, sapphire, aesthetic resin, and invisible braces.
  • Dental aesthetics: porcelain inlay, composite inlay, porcelain veneers, whitening at the clinic, or home.




3. What are the benefits of our dental insurance compared with other dental insurance?


Dentist advising customer on how to better care for her teeth


Compared with other dental insurers, the dental insurance of Innoinsure (the international office of Adeslas) has the following advantages:


  • English-speaking services: As the official international office of Adeslas, we have a full English-speaking support team that helps with appointment-making and other inquiries.
  • Automatic buying process: We have created an automatic online purchase process, ensuring you fast contraction with great ease.
  • The best value for money: As the most popular and famous insurer in the country, we offer an affordable rate with all the services mentioned above at €10.5/month.
  • Wide dental clinic network: We have over 190 dental clinics with 1671 experienced and qualified dentists.
  • Quality guarantee: Our management and quality systems are ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing the service level in all of our clinics.
  • Advanced technology: All Adeslas Dental Clinics have the latest technological advances in dentistry and digital radiology to guarantee the best diagnosis.
  • Transparency guarantee: The treatment items and fees are promised to be public and transparent and will be clearly broken down.
  • High satisfaction rate: Our service has received a 97% customer satisfaction rate. We have realized more than 4 million dental consultations, 367k fillings and reconstructions, and 360k oral hygiene treatments.


Apart from dental insurance, we are also specialized in expat insurancepet insurance, accident insurancehome insurance, and business insurance.


Adeslas Insurance Options


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