Guide to business insurance in Spain

Guide to business insurance in Spain

2021-09-27 21:49:48

Business insurance is not a requirement by law, but well-designed business insurance can be of great help if anything expected happens. Paying insurance might be seen as costly for some company owners. However, you should really understand the risks that you might experience and the costs you need to pay if this happens:

1. What are the possible issues I might encounter as a business owner?

As a foreign business owner, you are more susceptible to changes, extreme conditions, accidents, or even disasters. You might also need repairs, negotiations, and even legal assistance on some issues. Therefore, it would be quite valuable if you can invest in insurance with which you can easily solve your problems in English.

2. What is the coverage of business insurance like in Spain?

This is hard to tell because each company has different coverage. Take the example of the business of Adeslas, we cover the following terms ``(See the complete coverage here)

  • Damages:
    • Fire, explosion, and lightning
    • Acts of vandalism, tumultuous action, and legal strikes
    • Severe weather conditions
    • Smoke damage
    • Sound wave damage
    • Spillage of automatic fire extinction facilities
    • Damage due to water or fuel spillage
    • Falling of trees, posts, and aerials
    • Falling of trees, posts, and aerials
    • Breakage
    • Damage suffered in goods transportation
    • Electricity damage
    • Breakdown of machinery
    • Damage to merchandise in refrigeration chambers
    • Damage to computers and hardware
  • Robbery or losses
    • Burglary or the costs caused by attempted burglary
    • Theft of cash
    • Transportation of funds
    • Losses caused by employee infidelity
    • Robbery with violence or intimidation against customers and employees.
    •  Inhabitability or loss of rent
    • Third-party liability: from occupational accidents,  Product / Post-work,  Operating
    • Loss of profits
  • Expenses and assistance
    • Extinguishing, salvage, and removal expenses
    • Aesthetic replacement of buildings
    • Business assistance
    • Legal protection

3. What are the additional benefits of the service of Innoinsure, the official international office of Adeslas?

  • English-speaking support: We are the official international office of Adeslas, able to handle all the inquires and claims in English or Spanish.
  • Handling the paperwork for you: You won’t have to handle anything. In the event of an accident, we will manage all the paperwork, repairs, and payments to professionals.
  • Easiest claim management: With our online claim system, you claim an issue easily in 30 seconds.

Apart from home insurance, we are also specialized in expat insurancedental insuranceaccident insurancepet insurance, and home insurance.

Our contents will be updated according to the most recent legislation. Last update: 27/09/2021

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