Quick guide: Healthcare for UK nationals living in Spain

Quick guide: Healthcare for UK nationals living in Spain

2024-02-21 06:18:35

With the new Brexit policies, British citizens might find themselves lost when searching for healthcare options when coming to Spain. In this guide, we will explain the healthcare British citizens living in Spain can apply for or are entitled to.


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1. Access to Spanish public healthcare

2. Access to Spanish private healthcare

3. Why is Adeslas/Innoinsure better than other private insurance providers?


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1. Access to Spanish public healthcare


As British citizens, you are entitled to Spanish healthcare if you:


  • are employed or self-employed and make social security contributions in Spain
  • have a UK-issued S1 form and register it with the social security office
  • have lived in Spain for 5 years and obtained the permanent residence
  • use an EHIC or GHIC for temporary stays when studying, or as a posted (detached) worker


Otherwise, you are not directly entitled to Spanish public healthcare and should look into getting private health insurance.


2. Access to Spanish private healthcare


Of course, paying for a Spanish private healthcare insurer is a better choice as it will give you a better care experience. The main advantages of Spanish private insurance are:


  • Private insurance can help patients avoid the lengthy waiting time often found in the public healthcare system. If you need to see the doctor regularly, then private insurance might be of great importance to you.
  • Private insurance can offer more personalized and detailed treatments and physical examinations.
  • Private insurance has a better connection with more private clinics and hospitals, which often implement better technologies and advanced treatments.
  • You can generally encounter more English-speaking doctors in private clinics.
  • Private insurance usually covers more items than public insurance does and acts more rapidly than public insurance.
  • When faced with a pandemic or sanitary crisis, private insurance has more resources to react rapidly and maintain normal consolations.


3. Why is Innoinsure better than other private insurance providers?


As the official website of the international office of both DKV and Asisa innoinsure secures you all the benefits of the main offices together with English-speaking services.


  • Our expat insurance, also called visa insurance, fulfills all the requirements of visa and NIE/TIE application
  • We operate online with quick and automatic purchasing processes: You can obtain the insurance service within a few clicks and make the purchase in your currency!
  • We offer timely customer support with several languages available. We have a multilingual team aiming to assist you with any doubts and concerns regarding insurance, in your native language
  • Our service is trusted and loved by customers, with 27 million+ consultations realized in 2019.
  • We offer 24-hour emergency room support and phone consultation support.


If you would like to know more about insurance options, check out one of these blogs below:




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Our content will be updated according to the most recent legislation. 

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